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Tony Ridgway - 2008-11-17
Uys Krige made me tolerate rugby. For a while. He taught me in an obtuse way to defer to the game. I can well respect the athleticism and fervour attached to the game, and I even marvel at particular teams' achievements. The All Blacks are such a team. As are the Springboks - although I more times curl my lip at them than marvel. The Geordies of St James' Park taught me that "football is not a matter of life or death - it's more important than that" when I toured England's...

The winds of change doth blow again.....
Annie - 2008-11-10
First in USA where the masses have shown their government that change is desperately due and now here in RSA. Perhaps the "new" political party will be able to break the stranglehold that the current government has on all things and deliver... for a change anyway. But then again, the more things change the more they stay the same. Is this all just pie in the sky, a false dawn?Anything would be better than the current riptide of corruption, poor service delivery and the grinding poverty...

This is for Margie Wilson...
Helen Moffett - 2008-11-10
... just to say what a lovely surprise it was to discover your review of my little collection of landscape writings, Lovely Beyond Any Singing, on Litnet. It's a book I put together with great love and care, but which has unfortunately been a bit of an orphan child in terms of marketing, as the imprint closed down shortly after it was published. (The two events were not connected!) I'm so glad you enjoyed it. It was written in the hope that it would summon exactly the response you describe...

The melting pot
Annie - 2008-10-28
There is no remedy, so there is no easy fix for the problem. The fact of the matter is and probably will always be, there are not enough English-speaking South Africans who are aware of this website, who take the time to read the various contributions and are prepared to participate - the English side of LitNet "SpeakEasy", while dead easy, is dead in the water.So dear kind editor, please stop this discrimination - throw the whole lot into the melting pot and let it be. We are, after all,...

Review: Global Scream
AJ Reinecke - 2008-09-11
How serious is global warming and who is responsible?Are we hearing Nature's global screams?This new novel by a Stellenbosch professor highlights causes and effects of the looming crisis. "For several decades I have taught university students in environmental toxicology and conservation about greenhouse gases and global warming. Somebody in the department would joke about my 'pre-occupation' with the long-term but subtle effects of chemical emissions. This was often accompanied by...

Book review: Global Scream by Adriaan Reinecke
Peter Buchbaum - 2008-09-11
Global Scream* by Adriaan Reinecke"Are you hearing Nature's global scream?" is the question posed by this new novel.Veteran South African biologist from Stellenbosch University, Adriaan Reinecke, is probably best known in scientific circles for his chapters in books and scientific papers in international journals (see for example ScienceDirect on the web). His research papers report results of his experiments on the effects of dangerous chemicals on the living environment. In this his...

Bafana Bafana
Annie (nie Klopper nie) - 2008-09-11
We are a soccer nation. Regardless of what politicians, advertising agencies and various others have to say, the majority of the people in this country enjoy a good game of soccer.You will notice that I have used the word "good", and so it should be. We expect to be entertained.And yet, even though we pay exorbitant fees to employ various imported and local coaches, our national team is a joke. A huge joke and not a very funny one at that!The local teams are better organised, motivated...

In response to JMT Labuschagne: Civil war and soccer?
Kitchener - 2008-09-08
JMT Labuschagne's call for prospective spectators in the World Cup Soccer Tournament in 2010 to come and see for themselves the civil war he alleges is currently being waged in South Africa, could just as well include a call from him to them to wear their balaclava helmets. The folly of Labuschagne's statement will surely be revealed when these very spectators realise that they should rather have sported their soccer caps. Maybe Labuschagne should put his money where his mouth is and attend...

In response to Kitchener
JMT Labuschagne - 2008-08-26
Kitchener's response doesn't say much about the fact that Afrikaners are being singled out for criticism regarding Apartheid. I think Mr Kitchener is mistaken: Afrikaner identity is being equated by the regime with Apartheid. Whenever Afrikaners gather for a volksfees, it is immediately interpreted as a harking back to the old days and a threat to national security. It is not only absurd but also an infringement on our rights to a racial identity which is not only enshrined in our Constitution,...

In response to bblonde/blondie
Kitchener - 2008-08-22
Dear Little DogIt is an assumption to say English (you mean English-speaking) South Africans enjoyed the spoils of apartheid and were never ridiculed and abused as racist as the Afrikaners were. While this statement can be disputed for the moment it might be worth examining the context in which as you suggest "Afrikaners stand accused" (also problematic as a statement because of its generalisation). Let’s rather suggest that if there are Afrikaners who might think they stand accused...

Conflict of interest: two Annies
Ellie - 2008-08-21
I have been using the pseudonym Annie for quite some time and have enjoyed being the sole provider for Speakeasy's "Annie’s Page”.I have since discovered, however, that the new assistant at LitNet is also, for her sins, christened Annie. Now this poor girl child has had to suffer for my outspoken and sometimes outdated opinions. For this I apologise most profusely.So I have had to emerge from my hiding place and find a new mask.Not easy, but it needs to be done and finding a new...

Honest answer for the blonde
Ellie /Annie (maar nie Klopper nie) - 2008-08-21
Do you really expect me to give an honest opinion in a public forum and in writing?My ancestors would haunt me and my attorney would excuse himself. So the best I am willing to do is give you a few words and you can draw your own conclusions.Firstly, the word hypocrite comes to mind. The Ingelse have a way of doing “things” and pretending that nothing really happened. Remember that the more things change the more they stay the same. The second word is, of course, martyrs. The Afrikaner...

woef woef ... voetsek ... tjank tjank
bblonde/blondie - 2008-08-21
Hi Annie How come you salute bblonde but abuse bblondie with a voetsek? Perhaps if you could read Siener in the suburbs's letter to Jan Rap, you might understand my ambivalent feelings towards the "wessas". As we are under a new edict, I offer my hand in friendship and retract any remarks you deemed offensive. Could I ask a question? How come English South Africans enjoyed the spoils of apartheid but were never ridiculed and abused as racist as we Afrikaners are? Why is it that Britain...

Namaqualand adventure
Annie - 2008-08-21
Many moons ago, shortly after I got married, we went on a trip to visit faraway relatives who just happened to live in Namaqualand. The journey was endless, but as I had never really encountered the countryside, there was more than enough to keep me very occupied.The visit went smoothly until the day that the host decided that it was time to replenish the deep freeze. The man had several large herds of sheep, including the karakul and it was easy to arrange.We drove out into the veld and during the...

Amnesty / truce
Annie - 2008-08-21
Amnesty has been declared and has been accepted by most of us. However, it is rather difficult suddenly to have to refrain from passing rude and insulting remarks, albeit in a “friendly” fashion. I find that having to be gracious and sincere requires digging deep into an unexplored well of human kindness.This has forced me to consider my daily behaviour and to my shame I have found it to be lacking.So, I decided that if I could do it in print I could practise this new “me”...

peepol bblonde
Annie - 2008-08-19

Namaqualand adventure
Annie - 2008-08-19
Many moons ago, shortly after I got married, we went on a trip to visit faraway relatives who just happened to live in Namaqualand. The journey was endless, but as I had never really encountered the countryside, there was more than enough to keep me very occupied.The visit went smoothly until the day that the host decided that it was time to replenish the deep freeze. The man had several large herds of sheep, including the karakul and it was easy to arrange.We drove out into the veld and during the...

Amnesty / truce
Annie - 2008-08-19
Amnesty has been declared and has been accepted by most of us. However, it is rather difficult suddenly to have to refrain from passing rude and insulting remarks, albeit in a “friendly” fashion. I find that having to be gracious and sincere requires digging deep into an unexplored well of human kindness.This has forced me to consider my daily behaviour and to my shame I have found it to be lacking.So, I decided that if I could do it in print I could practise this new “me”...

Crime statistics
Elvina - 2008-08-19
Once again, two young men have fallen.One lies cold in a mortuary and the other cold in a prison cell.Somewhere out there are parents, and in particular mothers, who are shocked and in pain. Questions are unanswered and emotions are confused. Denial, grief and deep, inconsolable pain is how they started this day.How and why did this happen? they ask themselves, but there are no answers. Each has to bear her cross in her own way and pray for guidance.Two young men are lost. The event has changed the...

War (Part II)
De Waal Venter - 2008-08-14

De Waal Venter - 2008-08-13
This morning I came across something interesting on a very popular My.News24Blog. It is headed "War is stupid". It was posted this morning and already has 35 responses. The thrust of the posting is that war is completely wrong, wasteful, harmful and sad. Most people would immediately agree with this sentiment. But if one thought about this a little more critically, another perspective emerges.War is a form of aggression. And aggression is hard-wired into human beings, as it is in other...

vir die bblondie
Annie - 2008-08-12

Inquisitor: no offence taken
Annie - 2008-08-11

Lone Ranger
bblondie - 2008-08-11
Dear Annie LitNet should put you on their payroll. Like a true Settler, you face hostile odds. I am surprised at your knowledge of Boer practices, eg cattle breeding. Your betrayal of your language, as a mere tool of communication is refreshing. Obviously the Inquisitor does not share that sentiment. Reusedwerg was not trying to be fresh, we Afrikaners like to kiss, ask our maids. You stick to your guns, my dear Anglicised Racheltjie (de Beer), someday you might conquer us bitches. You propose we...

to the inquisitor
Annie - 2008-08-04
bite, scratch, claw, ouch i am not a linguist and have never pretended to be one - the person had some valid points and i agreed with them. the author wrote from the heart and certainly not from the head - his head would have told him to withdraw and erase his letter. language is a means of communication - understood by most, criticised by many. freedom of speech. however, is a right, not a privilege - it is supposed to be enjoyed by everyone, regardless, and if the author of a controversial letter...

Well written, Annie?
Inquisitor - 2008-08-04
Dear AnnieAre you saying that English South Africans do not harbour preconceived ideas/notions? And could you please elaborate as to exactly why you found 46664's letter to be so well written that it was worthy of felicitation? I suspect it is merely the lack of English letters and communication on this site that makes a mediocre to poor piece of writing (both in content and linguistically), that was not very well thought through, and filled with the flavours of bias and ignorance - appear well written...

reusedwerg: tonsils et al
Annie - 2008-07-29
tonsil aerobics may be part of your heritage, but deep down you have to admit that it can be a bit over the top. we can choose our friends but not our relatives. jy kan die gesoenery maar vir jouself hou - i am not interested. as for the family tree, well, I have to admit that mine was such a hodge-podge mess that some kind soul chopped it down and used it for a braai. there is no-one in this country, regardless of colour or creed, that can claim not to have a bit of mixed blood in their gene pool....

De Waal Venter: Peacemaker
Annie - 2008-07-29
you my friend are indeed a rare human being - the eternal peacemaker, always looking to find something good in both sides. you would be worthy of the status of Elder in any tribe (am not implying that you are old, merely exceptionally wise) and can calm hotheads and make them concede. many thanks for your input. you will by now have realised that i would rather "make love than war" and believe that by combining our differences, we would be unstoppable as a nation. the infighting between...

Tonsil aerobics
Reusedwerg - 2008-07-29
Hi Annie, what is wrong with a bit of tonsil aerobics? When I was younger I was kissed stupid by aunties and older cousins. Never mind the kissing or practice cousins. One of my gang members and I talk a lot about the so-called Afrikaner. We have our own views and interpretations of what an Afrikaner is. Unfortunately, when you are Afrikaans speaking you have a lot of labels to content with. Some of us are still fighting the war (Anglo-Boer). That’s who we are. The Afrikaners are fighting amongst...

For Annie
De Waal Venter - 2008-07-29
Firstly, I'm very happy to see that there is a growing interest in SpeakEasy and that people are beginning to air their views here. I don't want to comment directly on the English versus Afrikaans debate; I find it a little bewildering. I didn't realise that there were still people around who thought of people in the opposite language group as "enemies". It reminds me of when I was young and the mature and elderly Afrikaners around me referred to that "steeped in pure evil" publication,...

Annie - 2008-07-25
to bblondie and the giant dwarf peace let's not bury the hatchet in each other's heads - simply not worth the effort. i really do not have any objection to afrikaners - the love of my life is a "plat boer" and i would not change him for anything in the world. being a boer does not make him any more difficult than any other nationality - men are men and that is the way they are. let us rather concentrate on making the best of a difficult time for this country - we have enough talents and...

to 46664: well said
Annie - 2008-07-25

For the bblonde
Annie - 2008-07-24

Mixed marriages
bblondie - 2008-07-24
Annie ... no! Am I to believe that you Brits actually invented MM, sqaundering your precious gene material? My, my, you Inglisi are an industrious bunch. I am delighted that we got you hot under the collar; perhaps there is life after death ... mmmm. What shall we discuss, herding tactics perhaps? The blockhouse system was a stroke of genius! As for the bbbblondie, you would not have compassion for a stutterer, would you? I do thank you for the civil way you choose to communicate. I am not fooled,...

For Annie
Anzel - 2008-07-23
Well now, darlings, what have we here! I have been busy for a while and on my return I find some in-fighting going on between die Ingelse en die Boers.How utterly exciting! I have some fond memories of a certain Boer who knew exactly how to … Well never mind, not the right site for such revelations.Zelda, if you are out there somewhere, I have not disappeared and have not changed anything about my life as yet. Still playing the doubles game but perhaps one day I might be tempted to reveal...

For Annie
Zelda - 2008-07-23

dear bbblondie
Annie - 2008-07-23
why the alliterative bbbbb? does blonde ambition need more than one letter in order to make it understandable or is it just a matter of faulty fingers ... either way, it does not make any difference. as for switching off the lights, no such luck! stiff upper lip and carry on regardless. your sarcasm is all that i needed to restart, so much as it galls one, i thank you. snottiness is a matter of opinion and yours does not really carry much weight. the in-fighting and insults hurled about with such...

For a Huge Giant
Annie - 2008-07-22

Annie get your gun
Reusedwerg - 2008-07-21

Dearest Annie
bblondie - 2008-07-21
Dearest Annie ... and the sun set on a empire! You have not switched off the lights, as asked. Not to worry, I'll do it for you. We people of mixed descent would welcome you with open arms at SpeakEasy with one condition only: Leave your high-brow snottiness on this side of the divide, and may your one blind eye be cured of loyalty to a forgotten empire. You might find some people on SpeakEasy to be of the same disposition as you. Look to the right, mixed marriages are not unlawful anymore. Bye bye...

Point of no return?
Annie - 2008-07-15
There comes a time when one has to stop and deliberate as to whether continuing on a certain path or with a specific action has any value or adds value to one's life path. Such are my thoughts today. It would appear that besides De Waal Venter, there is absolutely no one out there who is prepared to correspond on this particular site. Perhaps it would be appropriate to consider closing this side of the site and then publishing any letters that may eventually find their way on the Afrikaans side....

Poetry and lyrics
De Waal Venter - 2008-06-25
Hello Music LoverI read Bernard Odendaal's article and I think he covers the subject thoroughly. It is clear that lyrics vary in quality, just as poetry does. On the one hand one has Schiller's "Ode an die Freude" that Beethoven used in his ninth symphony, or a chanson like "Plaisir d'Amour", or in our times, the Watershed lyrics you mention. On the other hand the meaningless lyrics of so many pop songs.Lyrics can be poetry, as in "An die Freude", but there is a tendency...

Are song lyrics poetry in motion?
Annie - 2008-06-20
Good afternoon De Waal Read a very interesting article by Bernard Odendaal on the LitNet Forum where he discusses ther merits of poetry versus song lyrics. Just so happens that I acquired a new CD over the weekend, Mosaic by a group called Watershed. There are only 2 cuts on the CD that really appeal to me. However, the lyrics are also included and this intrigued me no end. While the music is so-so, the lyrics are amazing. These I could relate to and enjoyed immensely. What would be your opinion...

Greetings Anvile
De Waal Venter - 2008-06-19
Thanks for your communication. I'm sending you this message via LitNet as they have the contact details of all thinking entities in the universe in their data banks (a much smaller data bank than that for the non-thinking entities).I'm very interested in how your society is organised. Ours isn't ... much.We've been using fuels derived from fossilised plants. This causes a steady build-up of carbon in the atmosphere, which is threatening to upset the climate with the potential to destroy our civilisation....

Ouch ...
bblondie - 2008-06-19

Hello bblondie
Annie - 2008-06-18
Hello bblondieWell now, how the claws are showing, but then again, one can one expect that from a "blonde" … Civilised yes, but then that is how the poms do things, darling, and would probably explain why they ruled vast tracts of the earth for a very long time. On the other hand, I recall your ancestors tried and managed to rule a small little country at the foot of a continent for a mere 40 years. Jealousy is such an infantile emotion. Please do continue on your side of the forum...

For de Waal Venter
Anivle - 2008-06-17
Greetings earthlingThis is written in response to your letter to Annie (rather a dear child, but still so naïve as to imagine that sending an e-mail to LitNet would get through where no earthling apart from yourself has as yet. Anyhow, moving on …).Funny that you should mention getting through to that other place, Filliflop (?). Had friends there a few years ago but they proved to be rather flippant so I just let the friendship falter and ultimately fail.Perhaps you could send out some...

Speak or hold your piece
Bblondie - 2008-06-17

Anzel: what happened to you?
Zelda - 2008-06-12

Peace, Annie
Zelda - 2008-06-12
I did not realise that I had offended you with the letter that I wrote about the obesity of the American people. It was merely an observation. You are partly to blame. You asked for letters and I wrote - next time please state in which category and perhaps on which specific subject you would like to receive correspondence. In the meantime, please accept that I am just as concerned as you are regarding many things in this country, but sometimes choose to look at the brighter, lighter side. Too much...

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