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BlackSheepTV #11: Semantics
blacksheep - 2011-12-19

BlackSheepTV #10: Twitter
blacksheep - 2011-12-12

BlackSheepTV #9: Aids
blacksheep - 2011-12-05

BlackSheepTV #8: Secrecy Bill
blacksheep - 2011-11-28

BlackSheepTV #7: COP 17
blacksheep - 2011-11-21

BlackSheepTV #6: Politics 101
blacksheep - 2011-11-14

BlackSheepTV #4: Malema
blacksheep - 2011-10-31

BlackSheepTV #3: Money
blacksheep - 2011-10-25

BlackSheepTV #2: Blackberry
blacksheep - 2011-10-17

BlackSheepTV #1: Rugby
blacksheep - 2011-10-10

Warming up to global warming (Mother Natures noxious bowels)
Mike Rands - 2007-04-12
There is a common misconception that the effects of global warming will become apparent sometime in some distant future. This, of course, breeds apathy and disinterest. But the truth is that we are already experiencing numerous negative side-effects of a warmer planet. For instance, I have an Eskimo friend with whom I regularly correspond. He lives in Antarctica and for several weeks wrote to me complaining of a drip that was coming from his ceiling. He couldn’t seem to locate the hole and...

Dr Pelikan Reports: Mozart and pop music
Mike Rands - 2007-03-01
A few evenings ago I listened to a Mozart piano concerto in the City Hall. Later that night I saw an advert for a Paris Hilton CD. It got me thinking about definitions. The sounds I’d been listening to earlier were defined as music. But then, the Paris Hilton CD I’d seen advertised was for sale in music stores. Surely we’re beginning to stretch the definition a little too far here. If I throw a stone through a window and fart while my friend bangs his head on a saucepan, is that...

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