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RHS Write a Non-Fiction Story course
Course information Registrations close: 21 October 2011 Course begins: 31 October 2011 Course fee: R6,800 (excl. VAT) LitNet readers will receive a R500 discount on the course fee. Simply quote the word "LitNet" when registering for the course. The course in a nutshell Learn the principles of writing a non-fiction story including biography, memoir, travel, adventure or even historical account Be guided and mentored through your journey of compiling a 10-page non-fiction story 16-week...

Poetry: Call for submissions

Stretch Class for the Imagination Workshop
Working with your Life Images facilitated by Dawn Garisch “Ask not what the image means, ask what it wants.” - James Hillman, Jungian analyst The premise of this workshop is that we each have a life motif that is more or less unconscious. A motif is a distinctive idea, or theme. It derives from music and literature and other art forms, where the writer or artist elaborates on and develops a central theme. We live both the rational and symbolic aspects of our lives...


The Manchester Poetry Prize 2010
The Manchester Writing Competition: The Manchester Poetry Prize 2010 First prize: £10,000* Deadline for entries: 6th August 2010 Entry fee: £15 Judges: Simon Armitage, Lavinia Greenlaw and Daljit Nagra Under the direction of Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy, the Manchester Writing School at Manchester Metropolitan University is launching the second Manchester Poetry Prize – a major international literary competition celebrating excellence in creative writing. The Manchester...

What Publishers Want

Two Cures for Love - Short Stories - 8 May
‘Two cures for love 1 Don’t see him. Don’t phone or write a letter. 2 The easy way: get to know him better.’ ~ Wendy Cope Short Cuts is a workshop designed to show you how simple it is to plan and write a short story. You will have a first draft of a short story when you leave the workshop. You will learn how to: Show rather than “tell” by introducing action and dialogue. Create memorable characters. Create striking images through original description. Keep...

GENNA GARDINI is Off-the-Wall @ A TOUCH OF MADNESS on Monday 29th March at 8pm

Write a novel! Creative Industry is offering LitNet readers a 20% discount off their next novel writing course, starting 6 October
Sasani Studios, Highlands North, Johannesburg - 6, 13, 20 & 27 October 2007 - 2007-09-28
Write A Novel Course Dates: 6, 13, 20 & 27 October 2007 Tutors: Jo-Anne Richards & Jann Turner Venue: Sasani Studios, Highlands North, Johannesburg Cost: R3, 000* Discounted by 20% for LitNet readers!Registration closes 5 October 2007. Call Fiona Walsh on 072 298 7736 to book your seat or register via the Register Here page on the Creative Industry website. This is an intensive four week interactive course, designed to help you turn your great idea for a novel into a reality....

Review of ScriptWriter
Janet van Eeden - 2007-08-28
Writing is an anguished, solitary trade. Unless you do it with other people, which can be even worse. There is no lonelier place than the writers’ room of a show when you know you’re about to be fired. You’ll know it’s going to happen because all the other writers start laughing at your jokes. Big, hearty hollow laughs that reverberate with pity and guilt: the sound of your doom. These are the dark times for a writer. This is the place of pain. These are the mean streets down...

NetRaad: Michelle Matthews
Michelle Matthews - 2006-12-11
You can learn a lot about your craft from colleagues and from approaching your work with a positive, dedicated attitude. These ten tips are from a publisher’s perspective, and are more about how to get our attention. 1. Write well The quickest way to attract the attention of a publisher is to be a good writer. Although, as Stephen King says, no amount of work can make a merely good writer a great writer, it’s possible to elevate your writing from mediocre to good. And good is...

Questions to ask if you are considering self-publishing
Centre for the Book - 2006-10-19
Can you identify a target market that would be interested in your book? Have you spent some time looking at books that are similar in some way to your planned book? (Could be similar in format, length, content, etc.) How will you draw the attention of your target market to your book? Have you finalised your manuscript? Have you had your manuscript edited? Have you had you had your manuscript proof-read? Who is doing the layout? Remember, the more professional it is the...

The SA small publishers blog - exciting development!
Colleen Higgs - 2006-10-19
The information from the SA Small Publishers’ Catalogue has now been transferred to a blog (a web log):http://thesouthafricansmallpublishersblog.wordpress.com/ The Catalogue certainly showed the vibrant and varied faces of small publishing in South Africa, and we’re very keen to keep the impetus of this going via an online forum. Blogs are a great tool, because they are soimmediate - people can read and comment instantly. We hope that the blog will work without moderation of comments...

Some tips on how to submit work to literary journals
Gary Cummiskey - 2006-09-08
At the moment there are a number of literary journals being published in South Africa. In print form alone we have Botsotso, Chimurenga, Carapace, Green Dragon, Fidelities, Kotaz, New Coin, New Contrast, South African Writing and Timbila.Most of these journals are produced by independent publishers and not by commercial operations with their own offices complete with administrative staff and in-house editors and designers. These journals are produced mainly from home on a part-time basis by people...

The Power of Words
Eleven women write what they like for National Women's Day Compiled by Michelle McGrane Omen’s Day Gabeba Baderoon When I started writing on my computer this morning, I read over a sentence and found that “who” had turned into “ho” and “women” into “omen”. The “w” on my keyboard no longer worked. Pounding the letter didn’t help, so to correct the words, I had to cut and paste w’s from previously written documents....

Reach For A Dream celebrates 17 years of fulfilling dreams
Judith Muirhead - 2006-07-03
National Co-ordinator of Reach for a Dream Since the first dream of a pony and motorcycle ride was fulfilled on 7 July 1988 for JC Steinman's birthday, Reach For A Dream has continued to bring hope to the lives of more than 6 000 children through the power of their dreams. The Foundation presently fulfils on average three dreams per day and more than 5 000 children's lives are enriched each year through dream projects such as daily outings and camps. "It is only with the love and support...

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