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"Mon Petit Choux" by Lorraine Salter
Lorraine Salter - 2011-11-09
Mon Petit Choux I was so sadly lost in my life … sometimes barely breathing day after day, Wondering where you were now … or if you were even happy and loved, Often reminiscing on times gone by … special moments in time we shared! Your SMSs and calls make me smile … if only for just that little while, Without any underlying intention. You’re just simple frown prevention, When I’m finally in my happy place … I will find you as part of destiny, I found...

"Inability for stability" by Coerene Vosloo
Coerene Vosloo - 2011-11-09
Inability for stability Try figuring me out, make your safe place This is not meant to be No idea of this space Safe is awkward Chorus Change when needed Grow when seeded Inability for stability Don’t figure this out Full of doubt Never myself Give me a chance Taking my time Losing control Give it a break Chorus Change when needed Grow when seeded Inability for stability Having stability creates your tranquility Having mobility creates my serenity Don’t figure this out Keep up...

"Back at us" by Jonathan Bosman
Jonathan Bosman - 2011-11-09
Back at us It’s been four whole years, Since we said good-bye I travelled the world, but Now I am back, in your world, I saw you today I hid in the back, I couldn’t go back, couldn’t face it. So I heard you made it, glad for you, You got what you wanted, I did too. Alone now, it is really better I knew they would tell you, so you heard That I am here, back in your town A long history means nothing, Erase, rewind, fast forward Let’s just move forward. Backward, they are...

"Always and forever" by Sarel Serfontein
Sarel Serfontein - 2011-11-09
Always and forever Here I am, looking into your eyes The tears keep on falling And I don’t know how to stop I’m no one without your love And you make me a better man Those three words will never escape my thoughts Chorus Always and forever, that’s what you said to me Always and forever, it will never be the same Now always and forever are the saddest words I know And they mean nothing without you I know we’re apart, but I can’t stop missing you These tears just...

"Sign posts" by Tshepang Montsitsi
Tshepang Montsitsi - 2011-11-09
Sign posts (Verse 1) Sign posts pointing me in different directions I feel like my life story is written on these pavements ‘Cause I’ve been up and down this road so many times and still no answers Even made that call to Jesus but I heard it takes a while to answer I had to beg my heart to tell my mind to keep on with the beat And I swear at times it feels like I forget just how to breathe ‘Cause it’s not easy doing life when life won’t play along Feels like carrying...

"Grandma's house" by Roland Raad
Roland Raad - 2011-11-09
Grandma's house [Verse 1] Hey babe What’s your name? Do you have the time To play a little game? I know, A place we can go. I’ll take the lead And you must follow. [Pre-chorus 1] She won’t hear us When she’s watching TV. And she won’t notice, When she’s fallen asleep. [Chorus] So come on over to Grandma’s house We’ll bend the rules and play the fool I’ll meet you over at Grandma’s house And offer you what you can’t refuse. [Verse...

“Grow up” by Casper Crous
Casper Crous - 2011-11-09
Grow up Verse Up country a house was burning A father lays bare, smoked and pleading The first stone was cast by Mary The anger and agony, where is my baby? Down by the riverside a farm was flooded A husband lays bare, washed out and sordid His last breath from Stella’s chest After all those words, her hands said it best Chorus How immature we know, we know For demanding the truth and making a show Yeah, grow up, grow up, we know But all we had was our youth And now we are old Verse ...

"Have you ever loved" by Chris-Marie Niemand
Chris-Marie Niemand - 2011-11-09
Have you ever loved Verse 1 Have you ever tasted a rain drop On the lips of your lover? Have you ever felt your heart stop When you find that you love no other? Have you ever loved so hard That your thoughts just fell apart? Verse 2 Could you ever watch him cry Without falling apart? Could you ever say goodbye Without breaking your heart? Could you ever watch him leave And still be able to breathe? Chorus Have you ever loved, Really ever loved, Like I have loved? Have you ever been broken,...

"I know you" by Gustav Reyneke
Gustav Reyneke - 2011-11-09
I know you love like a current, the raging seas, flows like a torrent over me; hot like a desert in the middle of the day, cold as a blizzard, summer sun gone astray. Chorus don’t really know what I feel, what is the truth, what is real; which way is up, which way is down, what’s on my face, a smile or a frown. love like a hurricane, a violent, passionate rush, blows like a breeze, soft ’n gentle touch; love like forrest, standing tall, but to be honest, I feel so small. Chorus...

"Alle regte voorbehou" deur Angie Gallagher
Angie Gallagher - 2011-11-09
Alle regte voorbehou Daar steek ’n dwars ding in almal se krop Maar as die wind die sifdeur buite laat skop Geniet ons die kromming van elke hoë boom Terwyl die huisvrou heimlik van eie roem droom Het jy ’n sent om in die poel te gooi? In dié woeste dobbelspel is jy ook genooi Die kletskoningin word oral bemin maar in die kombuis word daar oor die ander tipe vuil wasgoed besin Sy sê: “Jy brand om nou dié halwe woord in ligte laaie te begryp, nè?...

"Don't say you're sorry" by Eleri Morgan
Eleri Morgan - 2011-11-09
Don't say you're sorry Don’t say you're sorry. Tomorrow it won’t be there When you wake up This will all be a dream Don’t wish it away. Don’t wish your love away. [Chorus] Don’t stop believing in love Don’t hold back what you feel. For the moment you're lost and all broken inside. Everything said Gets pulled out with the tide – Don’t say sorry. Don’t say sorry. Right here you're sorry How will you feel tomorrow? How can you turn love into...

"Ek soek na jou" by Taki
Taki - 2011-11-09
Ek soek na jou hier op die randjie van dit wat is sit ek lewenslank vasgevang agter glas en kyk hoe mense lag oor niks raak dit soms net bitter donker en alleen sonder dat ek tyd of rigting weet grou ek blind en onverpoos ‘n donker tonnel met die hoop om eendag in jou mesomorfe arms die lig te breek ek wil ontkiem in die dieptes my anker laat groei in die blommegeur sedert altyd en deur duisend oomblik het ek metronoom gesoek na jou met die trae tog van tyd het ek nie nou lank genoeg nie...

"Soos berge" deur Marlie Breet
Marlie Breet - 2011-11-09
Soos berge Ek skryf nie gedigte nie net soms as die reën harder is as die gif uit jou mond en die natuur se geween Ek skryf nie gedigte nie net wanneer dit jou dag is en ek niks anders wil gee as iets wat jy nooit sal kan uitwis Ek skryf nie gedigte nie net as ek rêrig iets moet sê soos ek hou van jou hart en die plek waar jou drome soos berge rondlê. Ek dink nie aan jou nie net soms met die laaste lugballon terwyl die maan groter skyn as die son. Ek dink ook nie aan jou...

"I believe" by Reshika Singh
Reshika Singh - 2011-11-09
I believe Chorus I believe in me I believe in you I believe in us I won't give up I believe I believe I believe When the nights were long Our love was strong We had no money No place to go You held my hand And made me promise I'd hold on Chorus The days were tough We had no money We went to bed hungry We had each other Love held us together I'll be with you forever Chorus Times been kind to us We have money now We have a house and car And kids I'll never forget the dark days Some days I was...

"I don't need you" by Reitumetse Segopolo
Reitumetse Segopolo - 2011-11-09
I don't need you I was afraid Of the dark But you said you’d carry me I didn’t believe In your smile I know you’ve lied before Chorus Give me a reason To fall in love I wanna love again (x3) I gave you my heart And my soul But you threw it back at me Pack you bags and leave my place Take your car and take your clothes Oh baby just go This is love Just leave I don’t need you Chorus I’m much older Much bolder More caring More loving You can’t touch me It’s...

"Die strewende sondaars" deur Celeste Theron
Celeste Theron - 2011-11-09
Die strewende sondaars Vers 1 Sê my nou maar eenmaal wat het dit jou gekos? Daar by die hemelpoorte, wie’t jou van God verlos? Die versamelde eensames staan borg toe vir jou siel net sodat hul jou lewenslank die hel in kan verveel. Gemeente van gewoontes giggel galant oor jou dood. Tap nog bloed, breek meer brood. Ek vrees die heiliges, aasvoëls van sonde, wat slange met stokke in wildernis soek. En al was jul nie daar nie, ek weet dit is waar, strewende sondaars vermink op altaars....

"Lentestorie" deur Melodie Slabbert
Melodie Slabbert - 2011-11-09
Lentestorie noudat jy oud is vertel ek vir jou stories: ons aamborstige vuurtjie hét nog asem al pleister die wind ons huis met sneeu ek herroep mites en legendes luister hoe lap die stilte sy eie stiltes en vul ons sneeuverhaal verder in: daar’s geeste in argiewe en miswolke in my woorde maar nou waak ek oor jou drome: lente kom dan dans die windklingels uitbundig want winter self verwelk en om die kuslyn versag ’n gletser stadig klop somer en sonar klop lyfmusiek klop...

"Silent sound" by Nadia Schultz
Nadia Schultz - 2011-11-09
Silent sound I wake up at midnight, your name’s on my lips and your eyes are engraved in my mind. I try to define what I’m feeling inside ‘cause a dream’s dominating my thoughts The quiet ocean of emotion Rushing through my veins. A great explosion of serenity Lulls me back to sleep. But then you come and I forget what once stood in my way You paint a picture with your eyes You sketch a dream with your words and I calm down and fall into this sweet, sweet surrender and...

"Much, much more" by René van der Westhuizen
René van der Westhuizen - 2011-11-09
Much, much more There was this girl I knew Those who held on were few She was the kind of girl, Whose dancing made us twirl Everybody get on the floor She'll be asking for much, much more Come on people, dance to the beat Jump up and down, on your feet If you want me to dance with you Then you should know that it's surely true I only dance with the people who know Which moves to make and which moves to show She took over the floor Always making us wanting more Dancin' like you've never seen Oh...

"Any day is a Sunday" by Hummingbird
Hummingbird - 2011-11-09
Any day is a Sunday Any day is a Sunday, and I walk down the street But it’s bustling Thursday, and I walk to the beat And the people I pass, they all smell like soap And the ones in parked cars give off waves of dope Chorus God knows I love this country And God knows, you should too So why do you question my safety When the people here aren’t like you When the people here aren’t like you Any day is a Sunday, and I come to your house Your streets are so peaceful, until...

"I'm singing" by Zola Qwabaza
Zola Qwabaza - 2011-11-09
I'm singing Chorus They can see that we're singing They can see that we're dancing They’re looking at us like we're not right in the head Let's invite them to join us Before they try to call the cops Before they try to call the cops We don't want them to call the cops Verse My favourite tunes are being played so I sing along and bang my head, this party's off the chain On the dance floor I lead the way Ladies charmed as I do the cha cha, samba, kwasa, hip hop, all and all Getting out of...

"Risking all" by Jenna Potgieter
Jenna Potgieter - 2011-11-09
Risking all What do I say to those that watch With quiet contemplation? That pry and poke my soul to shreds With veiled accusation Their stares and gestures haunting me 'Round every faulty turn My heart and soul no longer willing To soothe this wicked burn The worst of all is in my head I can’t say what is real I only guess at what they think And fear for what is real For if they knew the total truth Of what I dream to be Would words of love and sentiment Be taken away from me? I long to speak...

"Mr Right Now" by Lila Bruk
Lila Bruk - 2011-11-09
Mr Right Now Don’t be fooled by the glint in my eyes Don’t be misled by the depth of my sighs It’s just the way I am with all the guys So save your prose and poetry Soft candle light is lost on me You’re just one of the many you see Chorus: So have you seen the light ‘Cause I’m not your Ms Right So stop writing our vows ‘Cause you’re just my Mr Right Now Stop calling me day and night Take me off this pedestal I’m dizzy at this height You can’t...

"Efficacious aptitude" by Anton A Richter
Anton A Richter - 2011-11-09
Efficacious aptitude So here I stand as a man, but inside I'm just a boy. A boy who grew fond of a girl. A girl who didn't know the truth. She was deprived of a life where everyone just told lies. And so she grew to be abused by sadist hands for their amusement. When she walked, everybody talked about how she wouldn't understand. And when she asked they would lie again so they could hold onto her hands. I learnt her name while we became tame as the sparkle in her eyes. And when she smiled her...

"Sponge Bob in Jo’burg" by Jim Pascual Agustin
Jim Pascual Agustin - 2011-11-09
Sponge Bob in Jo’burg I know it’s not funny Not funny at all There’s a pic I got in an email: “Sponge Bob spotted in Jo’burg” A pic of a street kid sleeping Just a street kid sleeping Wrapped up in a foam mattress You could only see his legs Sponge Bob spotted in Jo’burg Sponge Bob spotted in Jo’burg You think it’s funny? I thought so too until I saw He’s not alone He’s not alone There’s a Romanian boy in Rome A roof of...

"Light through skin" by Jim Pascual Agustin
Jim Pascual Agustin - 2011-11-09
Light through skin Skin is something worth having Skin is something worth having Nantio, your feet must be tired of walking The land forgets your footsteps The wind forgets your sweet singing As you lead the cattle through veld Nantio, your home is made of skin From cattle that’ve had their day Sunlight is softer, softer through skin Not long ago you had time to play You sit in the middle of your dome Where light almost touches your toes The coins strung round your head tinkle Like the...

"Look mama" by Alistair Anderson
Alistair Anderson - 2011-11-09
Look mama Hey shorty, check out my scooter Four wheels, two real, two surreal Yeah mom, you always were shorter than me. Hey shorty, you can have my nutella I think from up north I found direction, baby Yeah mom, I’ve got better taste. Well well, look mama I made it ma Well well, look mama I made it ma Actually got a job and some fancy food Ya chesa, mom Well well, look mama I made it ma Well well, look mama I made it ma Actually got a job and some fancy food Ya chesa, mom Hey shorty,...

"Move" by Johann Joubert
Johann Joubert - 2011-11-09
Move If we fail to hear the music, If we fail to hear the song, If we fail to let it stir us into motion, Then the daylight will not wake us, Then our tears will soon run dry, And gone will be the laughter from our eye. If we fail to feel the rhythm, If we fail to feel the beat, If we fail to let it sink into our feet, Then the ocean will not move us, And the mountains will not bring us to our knees, And we will never hear the whisper in the trees. We chase so after shadows, The illusion leaves...

"On the radio" by Johann Joubert
Johann Joubert - 2011-11-09
On the radio There was a song on the radio, It made me think of you, It wouldn’t let me go, so I had to know … Are you where you are, Where you wanted to be, Did it all work out, Did you stumble like me, Do you smile at night, When you’re going to sleep, Are your words the joke While you’re swallowing deep, Did you end up free? Like you promised you’ll be? There was a song on the radio, It took me back some years, It had me searching space, so I have to know …...

"Change" by Johann Joubert
Johann Joubert - 2011-11-09
Change If we wait for the world to change, We will wait until the wind wails through the hollows of our eyes, As we fixate on the sunset, Wishing on a whisper of a hopeless dream, Wishing is a slow and painful death, Wishing is allegiance to fear, Wishing is the courage that a man should have, Diluted to the point of insignificance, The only step that matters is the first, The rest will follow, if courage does not fail us, But the first is most important, For it sets us on a course, It puts us into...

"Sympathetic" by Nadia Schultz
Nadia Schultz - 2011-11-09
Sympathetic The looks on your faces of sympathy make me pathetic And the feelings you’re showing towards me just makes me want to run away I can’t believe I just stood there and let you belittle me Without saying a word I can see that you don’t think too much of me The words that you out are just shadows of bullets you’re firing And the knife in my back is a wound that won’t heal with simple glance I simply do not believe that you know what you’re doing I just...

"I get to know you better" by Hummingbird
Hummingbird - 2011-11-09
I get to know you better I woke up this morning, and rolled out of bed I woke up this morning, and fell out of bed Saw my man had a message So I looked what it said And it said: “The kid’s on vacation, and I’m out of town The kid’s on vacation, and I’m out of town No one else can keep watch here So you’ve gotta come down” And I thought: Don’t go to Cape Town, whoa, don’t go down Don’t go to Cape Town, whoa, don’t go down The holiday’s...

"Please child" by Leeroy Vermaak
Leeroy Vermaak - 2011-11-09
Please child Oh please child tell me what to do I’m sitting in the middle just waiting for you Close the window when you sleep tonight, ‘Cause your shame is running outside Trying to run away from your anger Trying to run away from your pain And I can’t see tears in a puddle And I can’t feel fear, just a sudden Just a sudden – Wind blowing through your hair The smell of blossoms in a cold arcade And I can’t see tears in a puddle And I can’t feel fear,...

"Flying lion" by Leeroy Vermaak
Leeroy Vermaak - 2011-11-09

"Killer crutches" by Leeroy Vermaak
Leeroy Vermaak - 2011-11-09

"Lord of the flies" by Leeroy Vermaak
Leeroy Vermaak - 2011-11-09

"Let me live" by Zola Qwabaza
Zola Qwabaza - 2011-11-09
Let me live Verse 1 I used to think about you every night used to hope every day that I'd be in your arms that you'd need me at all times that you'd love me with all your heart I thought we'd end up happily in love but it's a dream that didn't happen for me Don't worry I'm actually glad it didn't ‘cause if it did then where would I be Who am I kidding deep down inside I know I would've been on cloud nine or happy enough to touch the sky I would've been so uplifted by you ‘cause love...

"Hurry" by Zola Qwabaza
Zola Qwabaza - 2011-11-09
Hurry Verse 1 We started out as friends when you hurt me things became a little different I don't want us to be enemies but you make too many empty promises If you never call me then it won’t work between us even if it hasn't begun We're good as friends but then again I'm the one always giving here making effort, calling you always You make me happy but that's not enough I need so much more than sweet flirty words that can make any person smile Let’s not even take this too far let’s...

"Be right here" by Zola Qwabaza
Zola Qwabaza - 2011-11-09
Be right here Verse 1 The advice that you give me is amazing The chats that we have are great You inspire me not to give up in dreams and you bring out the best in me I wish we were closer so that I can hold you in my arms You used to cuddle me up so much now I wanna do the same to you Chorus Come beside me hold me I need to be loved I need to be loved by you ‘cause I love you ‘cause I love you be beside me to love me Verse 2 If you come to my place I'll play you RNB jams we can...

"I want it" by Zola Qwabaza
Zola Qwabaza - 2011-11-09
I want it Verse 1 They have everything I've wanted all my life Things that I have been praying to receive Things I've thought of and am still thinking of They're getting all that I'm supposed to get And they hate me but I love me I keep sounding blue which is not right I hope it's the last time I tell myself that I'll win and then don’t. Chorus I also want to feel what it's like to win I need to know what it's like to have everything If I can get that job, if I can afford it all The tear...

"Livin’ the dream" by Nadia Schultz
Nadia Schultz - 2011-11-09
Livin’ the dream I wake up It’s Saturday morning The sunshine’s in my head I look out Everyone’s mourning ‘Cause last season is dead I can’t see how anybody’s ever gotten by If all the world can do is bitch and moan and cry But listen to Bob, he taught us a lesson Always to smile and never be stressin’ I’m livin’ the dream and I don’t have to worry About anything and I’ll never be sorry ‘Cause I’m gonna grab every...

"Helder swart" deur Nadia Schultz
Nadia Schultz - 2011-11-09
Helder swart Ek dink ek verbeel my dinge in die oë van ’n vreemdeling Ek dink ek verloor myself in die ritme van sy hart Ek voel gedagtes oor sterrelose vlaktes vreemde nuwe ou goed wat my pla dan dink ek passievol hoopvol terug aan nou die aand toe was ek en die ou jy nog onder dieselfde groot volmaan my drome was sinneloos totaal en al verbeeldingloos want ek het net te diep gekyk gedink daar's nog movie moments in vandag se tyd Ek luister na kleure in ’n groot swart leë...

"Mors met my kop" deur René van der Westhuizen
René van der Westhuizen - 2011-11-09
Mors met my kop Ek het nie verwag jy gaan daar staan nie Ek het nie verwag jy gaan sê hi nie Kyk wat doen jy aan my, aan my Jy laat my ly, ly, ly Kan nie dink nie Kan nie eet nie Wil nie drink nie Wie dink jy is jy Wie gee jou die reg Neem my kop oor, kop oor Ek kan nie dink nie, dink nie Jy mors met my kop Jy mors met my kop Hoekom moet jy so mooi wees So verdomp mooi wees En as jy kan tussen die lyne lees Sal jy weet Jy hoef nie te stop Jy kan maar mors met my kop Jy was vriendelik, het...

"Do me wrong" by René van der Westhuizen
René van der Westhuizen - 2011-11-09
Do me wrong You do me wrong You do me wrong But oh, I can't forget you ‘Cause when you do me right You do me right When I wake up You're gone But the memory Remains strong Oh baby, I want you But you don't want me Use me, abuse me, lose me But baby oh, how you fuse me Up, up, up My desire is on fire Don't stop, stop, stop You do me wrong You do me wrong But oh, I can't forget you ‘Cause when you do me right You do me right Can't get enough Of your stuff Cherry up your lips Lead...

"My enigste song" deur René van der Westhuizen
René van der Westhuizen - 2011-11-09
My enigste song Jou lippe is ’n serenade ’n love song net vir my Jy bly die mooiste klank na al die ander se geraas Tyd is ons vyand wanneer ons saam is Oomblikke hardloop, sekondes haas En in my steek jy ’n vuur aan die brand Sien tot in my diepste dieptes ’n Siele-ontmoeting In jou vind ek rus Met geen valse noot in die spore op my lyf Kan jy die worries verdryf oor die lewe se sin Want saam met jou is elke dag ’n nuwe begin Kom nader, sodat ek in jou oor kan fluister...

"Run away" by René van der Westhuizen
René van der Westhuizen - 2011-11-09
Run away I can't sleep these thoughts consume my mind You were standing there like you couldn't care You said chauvinist I said masochist You said you couldn't care Tonight I'm gonna dance Like I don't care Look at me now been there before Nobody worries, nobody cares Disappearing into the masses I'll stop trying baby But I’ve got you on my mind and my mind’s on the money and the money’s on the table put my drink on the table Tonight I'm escaping my reality Tell me that you don't...

"U eie keuse" deur Erika Barnard
Erika Barnard - 2011-11-09
U eie keuse 1949 en Pa is weg ek’s vyf en Ma stuur my na die poskantoor maar die koevert is nie daar en ek sê die onderhoud is laat Ma sug; gee musiekles tot nege-uur saans Boetie is nou die man in die huis hy stook vuur vir die smeulstoof en ek maak die kos maar Saterdagaand is U eie keuse net ons drie op Ma se bed die bedlampie brand flou en ons luister “Die blou Donau”, “Die slawekoor” en Fritz Kreizler dis Fritz Wunderlich en “Rustle of spring”...

"Woorde" deur Erika Barnard
Erika Barnard - 2011-11-09
Woorde woorde is ook wonde dit bloei in verskillende tonge smeek op bedelborde en skree op slagvelde Mamma in al die tale woorde bid agter geskulpte hande en dit skroei in skimpe en venyn: moet tog nie my woorde versmaai of weggooi nie; eendag is jy óók oud dan word dit jóú woorde en so gee een woord berig deur na ’n ander – woorde het wortels en abba mekaar soos steggies woorde is die pienk spookasem van politici se retoriek en alarm uit die afgronde...

"Verjaarsdagliedjie" deur Melodie Slabbert
Melodie Slabbert - 2011-11-09
Verjaarsdagliedjie ek onthou jou, son-kind hoogty in die park – die brander het amper omgeslaan! – en jy het grootgeword, virtuele kind kyk, duskant die remote en mouse pad en fosforletters op jou rekenaarskerm brand ’n ánder somer: as dit reën, was die sipresse hulle stofjasse skoon Ladybirds vlieg rond met kolletjies beloftes en ’n vlinder knip sy vlerke blou-oog virtuele dogtertjie, jy wat hoogsomer verjaar kyk rond, skoonheid is orals: ek maak my potlood...

"Vuurlelie" deur Melodie Slabbert
Melodie Slabbert - 2011-11-09

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