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Murray’s Morsels

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The Bakers Emporium, Rondebosch
Paul Murray - 2010-10-06
The Bakers Emporium Shop 10A Riverside Mall Rondebosch 082 439 6627 Gingerbread people It’s almost too good to be true, a boulangerie and a patisserie all in one which makes the most delectable breads and pastries imaginable, and it’s done there in front of you. What delight for the olfactory senses as you enter the bakery! There are also muffins filled with whatever’s good for you. Coffee served. There is secure parking. Freshly made crispy samoosas Freshly made...

Eggs at the Lord Milner Hotel, Matjiesfontein
Paul Murray - 2010-07-06
Lord Milner Hotel Matjiesfontein Award: Three out of three stars for freshly fried free-range eggs done to a turn! (Photo courtesy of the Matjiesfontein website.) A classic majestic Victorian building set in an African Karoo landscape. The dining hall still has original features and serves an irresistible, traditional, English breakfast, eggs to order (free-range). Fresh fruit, freshly made toast and marmalade (and butter!), coffee or tea from teapots bearing the original Matjiesfontein logo....

Nelson’s Eye, Cape Town
Paul Murray - 2010-06-17
Nelson’s Eye Cape TownAward: Three out of three. The cut of your choice – a rump, a sirloin or a fillet. (Photos courtesy of the Nelson's Eye website.)There’s a great deal of history at Nelson’s Eye, recently 50 years old. All steaks are matured for extra flavour, and the sauces include Madagascar Pepper, Monkey Gland and Mushroom. A wide range of dishes to choose from. The ambience is unbeatable. On-street parking, with guard. Steve, Tony and friendly staff in attendance....

Bread at the Bromwell, Cape Town
Paul Murray - 2010-05-05
Bread at the Bromwell – Café Boulangerie DeliCape TownAward: Three out of three, Café Boulangerie Deli A trio – Café Boulangerie Deli – all in one, offering the best in breads, pastries and exclusive light meals imaginatively created by Italian master chef Antonio. The venue is the ultimate in dynamic colourful decor with a concierge, dressed in penguin suit, to meet you. Service unbelievably good and friendly, eating utensils from the next century. Parking...

Bizerca Bistro, Cape Town
Paul Murray - 2010-04-14
Bizerca Bistro Jetty Street, Foreshore, Cape TownAward: Three out of three vanilla seeds in the berry panacotta French fusion on the foreshore with flavours that find their way on to your plate from the artful culinary methods of a master chef are quite frankly unheard of in this neck of the woods. Just get yourself there for luncheon and bank on having some really good wine as an accompaniment – then, when the bill comes, close your eyes! Figure 1. Pig trotters were awesome – Alex from London...

The Victoria, Rothsay, Hebrides, Scotland
Paul Murray - 2010-03-17
The Victoria, Rothsay, Isle of Bute, Hebrides, Scotland Award: 3 out of three morsels of haggis Two definites for a visit to the Scottish islands, known as the gateway to the Highlands, are haggis and kipper, and both proved to be scrumptious at the Victoria with its proud tradition of a first-class table – spotless, service excellent, with stunning views on to the sea. What better way to finish than with a single malt whisky. Haggis with mashed potato Freshly caught kipper and poached egg...

Gloria Jean’s Coffees, Cape Town
Paul Murray - 2010-02-24
Gloria Jean’s CoffeesCape TownAward: Two and a half (out of three) carrot cake crumbs!What better way waiting for a movie at the V&A than reading, and drinking freshly made Americano and eating warm carrot cake with the icing from sugar and yoghurt! There’s no menu. It’s all written up above the serving area – just the graphics alone are enough to get your mouth watering. The pace is secure, the staff friendly.Clockwise, from top right: Gloria Jean’s coffee shops...

Truth, Cape Town
Paul Murray - 2010-01-26
TruthGreen Point, Cape TownAward: Three out of three coffee beans! At Truth coffee roastery you soon realise not all coffees are created equal. My choice was the Vengeance Blend, forgiving, never forgotten. Light meals (wraps) are available. There’s plenty of space and a permanent exhibition on Cape Town history, especially for history buffs. Outside seating in shade, with Table Mountain in view, makes it special. Plenty of free, on-street parking. ...

Paul Murray’s top ten culinary experiences of 2009
Paul Murray - 2009-12-14
Delectable canapés served at the graduation reception of the Silwood School of Cookery Graduation. Pol Roger Champagne Vintage 1998 with beef stroganoff made by a Russian friend, with her friend, Steve. At the table she sang a lullaby from Prokoviev in the most beautiful voice. Dining at Belthazar with my nephew Mark, to celebrate his CA exam. Chicago cut medium with mustard sauce accompanied by Kevin Arnold Wine. A private supper prepared by me for friends: Belgian endive...

Belthazar, Cape Town
Paul Murray - 2009-12-09
Belthazar V&A Waterfront Cape Town Award: It is impossible to award this one on “crumbs” ... Three tablespoonfuls of Beluga Caviar! Naming your eatery after one of the three wise men means the food must be exceptional! After the grilled prawn dish with lemon-butter salsa, the water buffalo was a rare treat. All the meat is extra-matured and the selection of wines is ad infinitum. The warehouse/industrial decor à la difference gives a unique effect. Service...

Bon Fromage, Newlands
Paul Murray - 2009-11-26
Bon FromageMain Road NewlandsAward: Three crumbsWhen the poet said “Give them bread and games!” he never dreamt it would be in the heart of Newlands at Bon Fromage, where Brian bakes fresh French artisanal loaves on the hour and serves a selection of artisanal cheeses. The idea of “light, simple and healthy” is borne out by natural ingredients and traditional methods. Secure parking available. Visit the website for details. Clockwise, from top right: Bon...

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