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Local is lekker

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Local is ‘‘xalaros’’: Kyriaki Zervaki on Athens
Imke van Heerden - 2010-01-15
Kyriaki, tell us a bit about yourself. I grew up in a small village in Crete, called Skalani. I am twenty-one years old and am part of a big family. I have three siblings! After I turned eighteen, I moved to Athens to study English at the University of Athens, where I’ve been living for four years. I visit my family in Crete during the vacation (either at Christmas or at Easter) and during the summer, of course. Kyriaki’s photos of Athens, clockwise, starting right: This guard...

Local is ‘‘shiok’’: Wayne Thong on Sydney and Singapore
Imke van Heerden - 2009-12-17
Wayne, tell us a bit about you. Hello! (Or should I say, “G’day mate”?) I’m Wayne, 24 years of age. At present I’m in Singapore taking a sabbatical before my accounting job that starts next year. It’s a tough job and I’m tired of it already. At the moment, I’m helping out with things at my church, hanging out with friends and family, and playing as much non-competitive Ultimate Frisbee as I can (which isn’t much). I’ve lived the first...

Local is “guai”: Meritxell Arquer Prats on Barcelona and Catalonia
Imke van Heerden - 2009-12-03
Meritxell, tell us a bit about yourself. I was born in Barcelona in 1985 and have lived here my whole life. As a child, I went to a little school in my neighbourhood, then attended high school near the city centre and, later, went to the university. I have just finished a degree in biology and now share a flat near the centre with three other girls. I feel quite proud of saying that I’m from Barcelona. I think it’s a very nice city to live in, especially if you’re young....

Local is “kult”: Vera Grønvold on Bergen, Norway
Vera Grønvold - 2009-11-26
By capturing her image(s) of Bergen, Norway, on camera, Vera Grønvold provides an insider’s perspective on this vibrant, modern, yet historical European city. Bergen displays an interesting variety of architecture and an exciting cultural scene, and is surrounded by nature. Sea and mountain are within walking range from the city centre.Photos and captions: Vera Grønvold This is Bergen. The view is from the Fløy mountain, a tourist spot, to where...

Local is "figo": Michele Cerimele on Rome
Imke van Heerden - 2009-11-04
Michele, tell us about yourself. Hi, my name is Michele Cerimele. I'm 27 years old, Italian and come from a small village in the centre of Italy called Vinchiaturo. That's where my parents and my brother live. I currently live in Amsterdam where I am doing a Masters in Law. I studied Law in the Faculty of Rome, La Sapienza. For fun, I like reading, travelling, photography and playing tennis and volleyball. What is your relation to Rome?Rome is the city where I studied and lived for six years....

Local is "sweet": Erin Karman on Edmonton, Canada
Imke van Heerden - 2009-10-15
Erin, tell us a bit about yourself. I'm a 22-year-old living in Edmonton, Canada. My mom grew up in Edmonton as well, but my dad emigrated from the Netherlands when he was 21. My mom's parents are also from the Netherlands, so I have a lot of Dutch in my background! Actually, I recently returned to Edmonton after a semester living in the Netherlands. What an experience! I currently study psychology at the University of Alberta. As it's my last semester, I'm pretty busy with school,...

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