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The rainbow blues of ''De la Rey''
Loammi Wolf - 2007-03-30
The storm that has broken loose about Bok van Blerk’s rock song “De la Rey” might be an indication that the smoke is starting to come out of the South African volcano again, signifying that the transformation of society after the rainbow revolution was not all just magic. The scars of the past are still there and the process of transformation has definitely not been concluded. It is understandable that after the many years of violence and coming very close to the edge of a civil...

“De la Rey”: a distracting side show ...
Carl Niehaus - 2007-03-21
It took me quiet a while to take the upheaval around the "De la Rey, De la Rey" song in the Afrikaner community, and eventually in broader South African society, seriously. In fact, long after many of my Afrikaner contemporaries were already hotly debating the merits and demerits of the song, and why it became such a mobilising force in certain Afrikaner circles, I hadn’t listened to it and I had no idea what the lyrics even hinted at. Then I had an interview with Sunday Times journalist...

From Voëlvry to De La Rey: Popular music, Afrikaner Nationalism and lost irony
Andries ''Roof'' Bezuidenhout - 2007-02-28
I The scene is Stilbaai, a predominantly white and Afrikaans holiday town, in the year 2006. A crowd has congregated for a rock show. Zinkplaat, a band from Stellenbosch, plays before the main act, Bok van Blerk. According to an eyewitness the crowd pelted Zinkplaat with bottles. They wanted to hear Bok van Blerk sing his hit song "De la Rey". Before he gets on to the stage they sing "Die Stem", the "national" anthem of apartheid South Africa of yore. When Bok van...

Koos Bekker: Best SA Entrepreneur for 2006
Koos Bekker - 2006-11-21
Koos Bekker, chief executive of Naspers, delivered this speech on acceptance of the South African Ernst & Young and Rand Merchant Bank Best Entrepreneur for 2006 award on November 15 at Summer Place in Johannesburg. Ladies and gentlemen, folks I am greatly honoured that you should think me an entrepreneur worth giving a gong to. I discovered that I liked media and business quite by accident – I studied law and most of my family saw businesspeople as smouse. Rather surprisingly I found...

Revisiting identities/positionalities in a changing South African socio- and geopolitical climate
Wandile Goozen Kasibe - 2006-11-01
This paper was delivered at the Race and Identity Seminar held at the University of Cape Town, African Studies Gallery 02 September 2006 Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen. Before we start off with our programme I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Harry Crossley Foundation for being the strong financial pillar behind my fine art and new media postgraduate studies here at UCT. I would also like to thank the speakers for their positive response to my invitation –...

Editing Leipoldt, an interesting and versatile person
Paul Murray - 2006-07-21
(Not for citation) 1 Introduction C Louis Leipoldt (1880–1947) is the well-known Afrikaans writer canonised in Afrikaans literature as a major poet (Viljoen 1996:1). His first piece that was published he wrote when he was eleven. He continued to write as a journalist to his last days for both local and overseas journals. He was not only a prolific journalist, but also an author. PJ Nienaber referred to Leipoldt’s Die Heks (1923) as “die eerste volwaardige drama in ons taal”...

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