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The Google Book Settlement
Bertus Preller - 2010-09-15
“Was it ever reasonable to think that such a revolutionary, unprecedented pact, negotiated in secret over three years by people with loose claims of representation, concerning a wide range of stakeholders, both foreign and domestic, involving murky issues of copyright and the rapidly unfolding digital future, could be pushed through as a class action settlement within a period of months, in the teeth of a historic media industry transition?” (Andrew Albanese, Publishers’ Weekly) ...

We object: Silenced?
Ingrid Andersen - 2010-09-13

The Present is Another Country
Peter D McDonald - 2010-09-13
It seems it began with justice and constitutional minister Jeff Radebe. In a speech titled “Democracy and Media Freedom”, which he gave at the 2010 Sanef Nat Nakasa Award dinner in Johannesburg at the end of July, he reassured “members of the Fourth Estate” that “as government we will not treat you the same way the apartheid regime treated Nat Nakasa. In other words, we will not enact laws detrimental to your cause.” After that the ghosts of the past were...

Big Book Chain Chat #9: Short stories
Arja Salafranca - 2010-09-08
In 2008 I researched and wrote an article on the genre of the short story for The Star. I opened with the opinion that “short stories are commonly called the Cinderellas of the literary world. Publishers complain that readers don’t buy short story collections, and so publish few volumes, then bookstores don’t stock them in great quantities. All around it seems to be a Catch-22 situation. But, are things changing? After years of drought, in which you found just a few local volumes...

We object
Frieda Groffy - 2010-09-04
Though I'm not a South African citizen, through my struggle from out of Belgium against apartheid and my visits during the last decade, South Africa became the “home of my soul”! As a poet myself I know how important freedom of speech and expression is – how poetry can become a weapon in the struggle, a voice to the voiceless, a basic right within a democracy! That is why I want to join all of you in this protest! Frieda Groffy Author of African footprints on my soul Please...

We object
Carol Allen-Payne - 2010-09-04
I wish to register my strongest objection to the planned Protection of Information Act. The Act will effectively catapult South Africa back to the apartheid era and is not fitting of a democratic country which honours freedom of speech and the right to information – a freedom implicitly enshrined in our Constitution. As an author and citizen I wish to express my strongest opposition against the proposed new legislation. Carol Allen-Payne Please feel free to comment on LitNet’s...

We object
Joe Latakgomo - 2010-09-04
I would like to record my opposition to the government’s planned media and freedom of speech gag, for that is what it is, and so join in petition to the government to desist from proceeding with plans to implement any law that will effectively proscribe the media and other published works from expressing their thoughts in a free manner as envisaged in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. I wish to call upon all right-thinking South Africans to oppose the planned Media Bill,...

Big Book Chain Chat #8: Closing the circle
Ingrid Andersen - 2010-09-02
As it turns out, I happened upon Richard de Nooy’s engaging post about the influences on his writing while I was in the process of thinking about my own. Richard wrote: I often feel uncomfortable when I am asked which authors or artists have inspired me. The only honest answer I can give is: all and none. I am a sponge, constantly absorbing the experiences of the real world and then gently squeezing out a trickle of fiction that looks and tastes real and clear, but only because all the imperfections...

We object
Leslie Stelfox - 2010-09-01
I would like to show my support for the freedom of speech enshrined in the Constitution. I would like to remind the government that they fought for this very freedom and some even paid with their lives! The struggle for genuine freedom thus still continues! Leslie Stelfox Please feel free to comment on LitNet’s letter page, SêNet, by sending a letter to webvoet@litnet.co.za. << Terug na Mediavryheid-indeksblad | Back to index << << Terug na miniseminare | Back...

Is an open constitutional democracy a threat to security, or rather political expedience?
Cobus Fourie - 2010-08-31
The current furore over the Protection of Information Bill and the Media Appeals Tribunal has fundamental and seemingly overlapping human rights issues at heart: the right to privacy and dignity coupled with the State’s interest in supposed national security and the right to freedom of expression and freedom of the press. The apparatchiks and cadres at the ANC are quite indignant at what they claim the unscrupulous, paparazzi-esque harassment and stalking of esteemed members of parliament,...

Protection of the impimpi
Tessa Dowling - 2010-08-31
If I worked in a government office and got this lovely, juicy bit of information about some political shenanigan that I felt should be made public property, I would be tempted to publish it in isicamtho (tsotsitaal), or even just a non-standard variety of an African language. There is one thing about i-information in African languages (even the standard ones): iyahamba (it travels), iyatshintsha (it changes) and awuyazi ukuba ivela phi okanye i-meaning ithini kanye kanye (you don’t know where...

We object
Marilyn Honikman - 2010-08-31
Please add my name to your protests at the proposed Media Tribunal. I spent a good deal of my life working for publishers whose publications were banned: Ravan Press, David Philip and The Weekly Mail. Those publications usually called for a new order with a free press. Now we have the new order we must keep the free press. Marilyn Honikman Please feel free to comment on LitNet’s letter page, SêNet, by sending a letter to webvoet@litnet.co.za. << Terug na Mediavryheid-indeksblad...

We object
Paul Sorensen - 2010-08-31

A dream deferred? Art and the quest for freedom: lessons for and from a democratic South Africa
Mike van Graan - 2010-08-31
A few years ago I wrote a play, called Green Man Flashing, about a senior cabinet minister in the ANC government who, six weeks before the 1999 elections, is alleged by his personal assistant to have raped her. If the charges reach the public domain there will be huge consequences for the party in the forthcoming elections and for the government’s efforts to attract FDI, in which the minister played a key role. So the party sends a delegation to the woman to persuade her not to go through...

We object: We get the government we deserve
Tai Krige - 2010-08-30
I don't really hold out much hope of stopping all this madness, since I believe we are much too late. The die has been cast. Everyone seems to have forgotten that it has already happened. The Film and Publications Amendment Act has been passed – long ago. We didn't stop that one, so how will we be able to stop these? It’s law, so who cares about the new threatening ones? No one. We are all totally useless. Complacency rules – and so does the ANC. So-o-o sad, another nail in the...

We object
Jan Andries Schaafsma - 2010-08-30
To whom it may concern Protection of Information Bill/Proposed Media Tribunal George Orwell's Animal Farm should be compulsory reading for every politician or would-be politician in the world. It is the clearest exposition of the process almost every so-called revolution in history has followed. South Africa, which was given the chance to make a fresh start in 1990, has squandered its opportunity to avoid the fate depicted in Animal Farm, and unfortunately we are now hovering on the brink...

We object
RM Summers - 2010-08-30

We object: Same shit, different colour
Juliana Venter - 2010-08-27
To whom it may concern As an Afrikaans-speaking actress having gone through the bad old days of apartheid, I am disappointed to see that it’s same shit, different colour. I mean really, I want to start producing films from Berlin, where I’m currently living, and start an exchange between Europe and the South African film industry in my own capacity. But why the fuck and how should I do that if I’m confronted with the same old totalitarian thinking the white folks had at home?...

We object: A disgrace to our hard-earned democracy founded on genuine freedoms
Jameson Maluleke - 2010-08-27
The proposed Media Tribunal is not only an insult to our Constitution, but also a disgrace to our hard-earned democracy founded on genuine freedoms. It is absurd for our short-sighted leaders to want to silence the media, thus rendering our renowned Constitution in a useless piece of paper. As the voice, eyes and ears of the nation, the media are there as a gauge and to warn the people whenever our national leaders start worshipping despotism. Let all living organisms stand up and trample...

We object
Trevor Sacks - 2010-08-26
I’m among the many writers who have already voiced their concern over the so-called Protection of Information Bill. This seems to be a Protection from Information Bill, and our history shows that’s the last thing we need. Trevor Sacks Also, please feel free to comment on LitNet’s letter page, SêNet, by sending a letter to webvoet@litnet.co.za. << Terug na Mediavryheid-indeksblad | Back to index << << Terug na miniseminare | Back to mini-seminars...

We object: Protecting South Africa’s democracy requires protecting freedom of speech for all
Jennifer Stastny - 2010-08-26
The following quote says it best: “The one simple arrow that shoots straight to the heart of the ANC’s argument is this: the test of a good law is whether the lawmaker would be comfortable with the law in another party’s hands. Would the ANC be happy if the proposed media laws were used by the DA, or even the old NP?” (Marc Wilson, quoted in The Daily Maverick) Protecting South Africa’s democracy requires protecting freedom of speech for all, regardless of colour, tribe,...

We object
Moira Richards - 2010-08-26

We object
Brent Meersman - 2010-08-26

Big Book Chain Chat #7: Terminating a text and identity writing
Tony Harding - 2010-08-26
There is something I like about this quotation from Jerome S Bruner in Making Stories. The construction of selfhood, it seems, cannot proceed without a capacity to narrate. Once we are equipped with that capacity, we can produce a selfhood that joins us with others, that permits us to hark back selectively to our past while shaping ourselves for the possibilities of an imagined future. We gain the self-told narratives that make and remake ourselves from the culture in which we live. However much...

We object
Sinval Kahn - 2010-08-25
Dear Sir/Madam I think our government is beginning to show signs of the apartheid monster of the past. If this Act is not stopped then the monster will become worse than what we experienced during apartheid. You have my support in this regard. Kind regards Sinval Kahn Also, please feel free to comment on LitNet’s letter page, SêNet, by sending a letter to webvoet@litnet.co.za. << Terug na Mediavryheid-indeksblad | Back to index << << Terug na miniseminare...

We object
Prof Izak JJ Spangenberg - 2010-08-25

We object: Let’s do the maths
Richard Jurgens - 2010-08-25
No one, no one in the world, apart from a few people with interests to hide, wants a new censorship in South Africa. Talking of “a few people”, let’s do the maths. The only people who support the attempt at a new censorship are those who need it. That’s, say, 5 000 people out of about 50 million. Which represents about 0,01 per cent of the population. Richard Jurgens Also, please feel free to comment on LitNet’s letter page, SêNet, by sending a...

We object
Jean Green - 2010-08-25
As a published author I wish to protest sternly against the proposed Protection of Information Act. Such an Act will have a far-reaching effect on freedom of speech in South Africa. Freedom of speech includes the freedom every author has to express him- or herself in books, unfettered by the aims of the proposed new legislation – a freedom implicitly enshrined in our Constitution. I wish to express our strongest opposition to the proposed new legislation. Jean Green Also, please...

We object
Richard Jones - 2010-08-25

We object: So repression begins again with the misuse of language
Maja Kriel - 2010-08-25
I wish to state my strongest objection to the proposed Protection of Information Bill. As in the previous regime the most reprehensible legislation was framed in the most reformist language. Thus the “Protection” of Information bill is actually the prevention of information bill. So repression begins again with the misuse of language. Therefore I object to the perpetration of violence against language and the proposed abuse of the freedom of the media. Maja Kriel Also, please...

We object
Anette Horn, Peter Horn - 2010-08-25

We object
Barbara Holtmann - 2010-08-25
It will be such an unspeakably sad day if we lose the freedom of the media in South Africa – surely nothing that the media has said or will ever say will speak more loudly than government’s fear of what might have been said. Dr Barbara Holtmann Also, please feel free to comment on LitNet’s letter page, SêNet, by sending a letter to webvoet@litnet.co.za. << Terug na Mediavryheid-indeksblad | Back to index << << Terug na miniseminare | Back...

We object: Soze sithule! We will never be quiet!
Tessa Dowling - 2010-08-25
Soze sithule! We will never be quiet! The proposed Protection of Information Act might just start a revolution in African language writing. In the past, when missionaries stopped African language speakers writing freely about important political and social issues, the writers turned to their own languages to criticise the politics of the day. No one in authority could understand what they were saying. African languages can be hugely metaphorical and obscure, tangential and abstract – the deepest...

We object
Jen Lewis - 2010-08-25

We object
Jack Dunwoody - 2010-08-25
I wish to express my strongest opposition to the proposed new legislation. This is an attack by an intolerant and dogmatic government on the freedom of expression guaranteed in the Constitution of South Africa. Yours sincerely Jack Dunwoody Also, please feel free to comment on LitNet’s letter page, SêNet, by sending a letter to webvoet@litnet.co.za. << Terug na Mediavryheid-indeksblad | Back to index << << Terug na miniseminare | Back to mini-seminars...

We object
Francois Verster - 2010-08-24

We object
Rhoda Kadalie - 2010-08-24
I wish to add my voice of opposition to government’s proposed Protection of Information Bill and the Media Tribunal. We need to register our protest strongly against the ANC government for harking back to the dark days of apartheid the more corrupt it becomes. These draconian measures signal government’s intention to erode our rights to freedom of the media, speech, belief and expression, and we must resist this regardless. Rhoda Kadalie Also, please feel free to comment...

Ons protesteer
Faan Pistor - 2010-08-24
Van beroep is ek ’n taalversorger, het self al drie boeke uitgegee, en skryf af en toe ’n artikel vir Media24 se Afrikaanse koerante. Verder is ek stigter-voorsitter van die Internasionale Historiese Genootskap Robbeneiland, wat binnekort sy eie webwerf gaan oprig, wat uiteraard ook nadelig deur die beoogde mediatribunaal geraak kan word. Ek gee graag my onvoorwaardelike steun aan die veldtog teen die Suid-Afrikaanse regering se beoogde wetgewing om die media te muilband en te wil beheer....

We object: This is not about “us” versus “them”. This is about all of us, full stop
Marita van der Vyver - 2010-08-24
Each and every South African writer and journalist – present, past and future – should stand up and be counted in this new struggle against the control of the written word. Each and every South African who has ever read a good book, appreciated an informative newspaper article or enjoyed an interesting magazine feature should protest loudly and clearly – also on behalf of the many South Africans who still don’t have access to the written word because of illiteracy and poverty....

Creeping censorship becomes galloping censorship
Malene Breytenbach - 2010-08-24
Source: State Censorship of the Media 1974-1994, DPhil in Journalism, Stellenbosch University, MM Breytenbach The context This article deals mainly with the period set out in die above dissertation (1974-1994), but censorship was introduced and increasingly applied long before then. In 1963 the Publications Control Board was established in the John Vorster era, mainly to curb reporting on prison conditions and prisoners (the Rivonia Trial had taken place and the people found guilty sent to prison). The...

We object: I am more confused than ever
Louw Venter - 2010-08-24
As a young white boy growing up in the ‘burbs of Krugersdorp during the 1980s I would often lie awake at night indulging horrifying fantasies of murder and sabotage. Whether consciously or peripherally, I was always aware of the coming horror of "The Day" – when "The Blacks" would emerge from the townships to slaughter us in our beds and rape our mothers and sisters. We were all of us trapped in a sophisticated web of misinformation and withheld truths. I knew nothing of the people who...

We object
Akin Omotoso - 2010-08-24

We object
Anthony Akerman - 2010-08-24
As a writer who had a play banned as a publication by the previous government because it was deemed offensive and prejudicial to the safety of the state, I find this deeply disturbing. What is the ANC? An illiberal, Stalinist organisation, as reactionary, corrupt and repressive as the Nats? Also, please feel free to comment on LitNet’s letter page, SêNet, by sending a letter to webvoet@litnet.co.za. << Terug na Mediavryheid-indeksblad | Back to index << <<...

We object: Raising the bigger freedom issues
Jane Duncan - 2010-08-24
This is a good initiative. Of course, writers’ troubles did not start with the Protection of Information Bill and the Media Appeals Tribunal. The Film and Publications Amendment Act requires all non-media publishers, including writers, artists, academics, etc, to submit material that may fall into the listed categories of controversial speech (sexual content, propaganda for war, etc) for pre-publication classification and possible censorship if they wish to distribute. While the Act provides...

We object: Seven one-liners against the Protection of Information Bill and Media Appeals Tribunal
Finuala Dowling - 2010-08-24
Just because your fly is undone, don’t zip the press. If you’re feeling unstable, maybe it’s because you’re on shaky ground. Arrest my frontal lobe: it is in possession of classified information. To get a good press, don’t lie, cheat or steal. Amend the Act: that should read 27 years in prison for telling the truth, not 25. Every journalist imprisoned under the Protection of Information Act shall be known as prisoner number 46664. Press Save. Kind...

We object
Peter R Dunseith - 2010-08-24

We object
John Bennett - 2010-08-24
I strongly object to the proposed Protection of Information Act. It is despicable that the ANC-led government is stooping as low as the old apartheid government used to do to suppress freedom of speech. The proposed legislation flies in the face of the Constitution of South Africa. This is an abuse of our freedom that the ANC fought for. How dare they! Also, please feel free to comment on LitNet’s letter page, SêNet, by sending a letter to webvoet@litnet.co.za. << Terug...

We object
David Kramer - 2010-08-24
I’ve just supported No Media Tribunal by adding a sticker to my profile picture. Get the sticker and show your support now at http://twb.ly/bgAo8I. The South African government is trying to establish a Media Tribunal to censor the press. I believe this goes against the spirit of what it means to be South African. It also tramples on the sacrifices made by many during apartheid so that we may enjoy freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is absolute in my mind, because what you do not know can...

We object: The media as the fourth power in democracy
Hélène Passtoors - 2010-08-22
I am probably not the right person to have my say in this. However, I am a (now retired) journalist and still writing, so let me try to give my impressions from the outside for what they are worth. I don't know if a media tribunal is a solution. If it really restricts citizens' freedom of expression, then it definitely isn't. However, I'd like to submit two points that have been on my mind for some time. First of all, I have been following the main South African written media, some on a daily basis....

We object: Words are power
Anne Marie du Preez Bezdrob - 2010-08-21
Words are power, which is why words have been jealously appropriated since time immemorial by rulers and the church for purposes of total control. Barbaric and criminal regimes fear and hate the truth and the manifestation thereof by the power, immediacy and permanence of the honestly and fearlessly written word. The written word is our conscience and our memory both as individuals and the collective society. If we allow it to be diluted, censored and destroyed without protest we are accessories...

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