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My fantasie-kompetisie: More than Valentine

AMBE Steyn - 2011-03-03

Hierdie blad bevat erotiese literatuur. Indien jy jonger as 18 is, verlaat die blad asseblief onmiddellik. | The following page contains erotic literature. If you are under the age of 18, please exit this page immediately.

Then their lips touched and stayed like that for a couple of seconds as the tension seemed to become raw between them. She heard him softly moan as he parted her lips and took her lower lip into his mouth. At that moment she could not stand it anymore, her eyes closed and she moved her lips to indicate to him to deepen the kiss. He needed no more invitation, their once gentle kiss moving towards something far more deeper and hungry, his fingers stroking her neck and then sliding them into her long, brown hair, gripping tightly as he was trying to move her closer to him. She responded almost instantly, pushing her body into his, seeking more of his warmth. Her whole body was on fire now as their kisses became more wild and hot with every passing second. The clothes on her body felt as if they weighed a ton, making her wish to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Shaun must have felt the same as he moved his hand to her hip and pushed her on to her back. With his other arm supporting his weight he started tracing the soft, silky fabric of her shirt with his finger all the way up to the first button of her decollete, undoing it. Then gently pulling his mouth from hers he traced kisses all the way down to her neck, her collarbone, to the spot where the button lay open between her breasts and all the way down to her navel as he undid the rest.

As his mouth touched her navel, Anna shivered from the sensation it sent through her. That spot has always been one of her most sensitive. Shaun could feel how Anna’s body jumped when he kissed her there, arching as she threw her head back. He loved that he did that to her and Anna wanted him never to stop, but she also wanted him to make love to her now, to pick up the pace and just push into her. But he took his time, trailing his tongue over her whole stomach as he opened the shirt.


“Shhh ... it’s alright Anna, I won’t hurt you.”

She was not afraid that he would ever hurt her, no, she wanted to tell him to hurry up, that she could not take another minute for him to make love to her. But her mind could not find the words to speak, so instead she moved her hands to his shirt and started to frantically unbutton it.

Shaun was in no hurry, though, as he caught her hands in one hand and held them above her head, pulling her shirt free with his other and then gently touching and stroking the skin of her stomach. Her eyes were passionately looking at him, a hot and bothered shimmer emanating from them. He knew that look, as he has seen it many times when a woman is ready and has let go of all inhibitions, becoming the rightful sensual being she was. Anna though was no ordinary woman to him, so to see that look in her eyes made his whole body shiver, sending his senses into overdrive. He lowered his mouth to the cleft between her breasts and started kissing all the way to her soft mounds as he pulled the material away with his hand. Her body jumped beneath him when he started sucking her nipple, her legs gripping him tightly as her back arched. She wanted more, needed him ...

He slowly moved his hand to her back, unfastening the bra clasp without effort. Then he moved to her other breast, doing the same as before. He knew Anna was slowly going over the edge now, and he himself was barely able to keep up the steady pace he had promised himself to do, which was proving more difficult moment by moment as he touched Anna’s skin. It was as if a thousand electrical shocks went through him each time and left him with the realisation that this Valentine’s Day was not just going to stop here but would end in something more than both of them could ever have fantasised about.

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