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The English Academy of Southern Africa shortlists two Penguin authors


The English Academy of Southern Africa has released the shortlisted names for two of its annual literary awards – this time for the Percy Fitzpatrick Prize for Youth Literature and the Thomas Pringle Award for a Short Story. Penguin Books SA is delighted to announce that Andy Petersen, author of Daniel Fox and the Jester’s Legacy, and Stephen Watson, author of the short stories ‘Buiten Street’ and ‘Hannah Hunter Watson,’ are in contention for the respective prestigious awards.

Percy Fitzpatrick Prize for Youth Literature:

The Percy Fitzpatrick Prize for Youth Literature is designed to encourage the writing of books for children.

It aims to attract the South African youth to the habit of reading, to give them enjoyment and also to stretch their horizons imaginatively. It is awarded for an original literary work in English, fiction based and targeted to children aged between ten and fourteen years.

Daniel Fox and the Jester’s Legacy by Andy Petersen

When Daniel Fox woke up one Monday morning at home in New York City, he thought it would be a day like any other.

Little did he know that it was the day he would die! After a
day witnessing the murder of an old man and being kidnapped from the Museum of Ancient History, Daniel Fox ends up in a waiting room, the waiting room that leads to the capital of the underworld, the great and most noble city of Arison. He seems to have a special role to play, but why?

And can he do what it takes?

About the Author
Andy Petersen was born in Chicago in 1992 and lives in Johannesburg with his parents and two sisters. He has always enjoyed writing, and at the age of seven wrote his first short novel. The Mail and Guardian in 2009 honoured Andy as one of the 300 Young South Africans You Have to Take to Lunch.

Thomas Pringle Award for a Short Story:

This award honours those who have achieved in the following spheres: Reviews of plays, books, films, radio or television programmes published in newspapers and magazines during 2010. Short stories in journals and magazines published in 2008 and 2009. Literary articles published in 2008 and 2009.

‘Buiten Street’ and ‘Hannah Hunter Watson’
Short stories from Stephen Watson’s The Music in the Ice

These 17 essays range across a number of diverse topics and subjects but at the heart of each of them and pulling them into a skilful whole is the business of writing and the
heart of the writer. Watson’s subjects range from the songwriting of Leonard Cohen, to Dante; from Guy Butler to Robben Island, and always demonstrating why Justin Cartwright has called him "South Africa's foremost essayist”.

About the author

Stephen Watson, a Professor in English and current Director of the Creative Writing Centre at the University of Cape Town, is the author of many collections of poetry, two works of non-fiction, and a number of edited books, most recently Cape Town: A City Imagined.
The winners will be announced in the weeks ahead.