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We object: We get the government we deserve

Tai Krige - 2010-08-30

I don't really hold out much hope of stopping all this madness, since I believe we are much too late. The die has been cast.

Everyone seems to have forgotten that it has already happened. The Film and Publications Amendment Act has been passed – long ago. We didn't stop that
one, so how will we be able to stop these? It’s law, so who cares about the new threatening ones? No one. We are all totally useless. Complacency rules – and so does the ANC. So-o-o sad, another nail in the coffin. So now, for these “new” laws coming up we‘ve got over 1 000 signatures I see… Really ... that’s really going to be noticed?

Too late, folks. As always, in South Africa complacency rules. Who gives a damn? No one.

Thank you, Nadine and Breyten, for reminding us of how little we really care.

We get the government we deserve – just like parents.

Tai Krige


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