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Nelson’s Eye, Cape Town

Paul Murray - 2010-06-17

Nelson’s Eye
Cape Town
Award: Three out of three. The cut of your choice – a rump, a sirloin or a fillet.

(Photos courtesy of the Nelson's Eye website.)

There’s a great deal of history at Nelson’s Eye, recently 50 years old. All steaks are matured for extra flavour, and the sauces include Madagascar Pepper, Monkey Gland and Mushroom. A wide range of dishes to choose from. The ambience is unbeatable. On-street parking, with guard.

Steve, Tony and friendly staff in attendance.

But the meat, oh the meat!

Contact details

Nelson’s Eye
9 Hof Street
Cape Town

Tel: 021 423 2601
Email: nelsonseye@absamail.co.za
Website: www.nelsons-eye.co.za

Figure 1. What better a place to take a group of hungry students. A grade 12 class enjoys the fellowship at Nelson’s Eye at one of its discussion meetings. The topic? "Where do you find the best steak in town?" And who happened to come in on the day? Uriah Heep, in between concerts.

Figure 2. Steven Albert, proprietor of Nelson’s Eye for almost 20 years, believes in excellent customer service: the customer is king, and his steaks must be right up there with the best!

Figure 3. Anthony Laubscher has been preparing the perfect steak for patrons who come from all over – London, Europe and the States – for the ultimate in matured beef. Anthony is a master chef in the true sense!

Figure 4. The tables are old-fashioned, as in the days of Nelson. You see his reflection in the table mats.

Figure 5. Sous chef Brandon, renowned for his gourmet sauces that accompany the best in beef cuts.