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Bizerca Bistro, Cape Town

Paul Murray - 2010-04-14

Bizerca Bistro
Jetty Street, Foreshore, Cape Town
Award: Three out of three vanilla seeds in the berry panacotta

French fusion on the foreshore with flavours that find their way on to your plate from the artful culinary methods of a master chef are quite frankly unheard of in this neck of the woods. Just get yourself there for luncheon and bank on having some really good wine as an accompaniment – then, when the bill comes, close your eyes!

Figure 1. Pig trotters were awesome – Alex from London had them.
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Figure 2. We had to order this at the start of the luncheon, it takes so long for the chef to prepare: to-die-for ice cream on puff pastry – Jean-Pierre had this for desert.

Figure 3. A real bistro with a bistro feel
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Figure 4. It must be the ultimate luxury in food: salmon fish cakes – Paul found these irresistible.
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Figure 5. They use old-style cutlery.
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Figure 6. The panacotta was amazing.
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Figure 7. Trendy, lots of light and lots of vibe and decor
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Contact details

Tel: 021 418 0001
Website: www.bizerca.com