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Never believe in anything until it has been officially denied


Quotations from April Babies

Never believe in anything until it has been officially denied.

~ Otto von Bismarck, Apr 01

All sorrows can be borne if you put them into a story or tell a story about them.

~ Isak Dinesen, Apr 17

The broad mass of a nation . . . will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one.

~ Adolf Hitler, Apr 20

In the evenings - only in April

Writers Write - 78 Published Graduates - is perfect if you:

· have already written a book and want to brush up on trends and storytelling techniques

· want to be inspired, motivated and educated

· are writing a nonfiction book and you need to add some creative oomph

· have ever dreamed of writing a novel, a memoir or a short story

· you are a business writer who needs to apply storytelling techniques to make your work come alive

· you are an editor who edits fiction, memoirs, non-fiction, how-to books

· want to explore writing as a career

Evening Sessions Only: Please note that there are eight classes of two hours each. The classes begin at 18:00 and end at 20:00. If you miss a session you may make it up.

Where: Sandton, Johannesburg / Bantry Bay, Cape Town

April 2010

12 - 15: Durban (4 Weekday Mornings)

17: Johannesburg (4 Saturday Mornings)

19 - 22: Cape Town (4 Weekday Mornings)

19: Weekday evenings (8 two hour evenings)

Fees: R 6 000, 00 (ex VAT)

RSVP: news@writerswrite.co.za


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