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Gloria Jean’s Coffees, Cape Town

Paul Murray - 2010-02-24

Gloria Jean’s Coffees
Cape Town
Award: Two and a half (out of three) carrot cake crumbs!

What better way waiting for a movie at the V&A than reading, and drinking freshly made Americano and eating warm carrot cake with the icing from sugar and yoghurt! There’s no menu. It’s all written up above the serving area – just the graphics alone are enough to get your mouth watering. The pace is secure, the staff friendly.

Clockwise, from top right: Gloria Jean’s coffee shops are spread across the world – but the quality is the same; the coffee shop is part of Wordsworth’s at the Victoria Wharf; Americano; the delectable carrot cupcake, warmed to perfection, was a perfect accompaniment to the coffee.

Contact details


Gloria Jean’s Coffees
Shop 7103
Cape Town

Tel: 021 421 4126

Website: www.gloriajeans.com/

Photos: Google Images