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Belthazar, Cape Town

Paul Murray - 2009-12-09

V&A Waterfront Cape Town
Award: It is impossible to award this one on “crumbs” ... Three tablespoonfuls of Beluga Caviar!

Naming your eatery after one of the three wise men means the food must be exceptional! After the grilled prawn dish with lemon-butter salsa, the water buffalo was a rare treat. All the meat is extra-matured and the selection of wines is ad infinitum. The warehouse/industrial decor à la difference gives a unique effect. Service is phenomenal! Secure parking.  


Clockwise, from top left: Belthazar at the Waterfront; Mozambique Prawns served with Lemon Butter Salsa; the waterbuffalo a la Chicago cut is extra-matured; over 500 wines to choose from; including Champagne for an aperitif.

Contact details

Shop 153 V&A Waterfront
Cape Town

Tel: 021 421 3753/510 3009
Website: www.belthazar.co.za

Photos: Paul Murray