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Two Penguin authors shortlisted for the Sunday Times Literary Awards 2009


Penguin Books South Africa is proud to announce that two Penguin authors have been shortlisted for the 2009 Sunday Times Fiction Prize and the Alan Paton Award.

On Wednesday, 4 June it was announced that Damon Galgut is on the shortlist for the Sunday Times Fiction Prize for The Impostor and Pippa Green is shortlisted for the Alan Paton Award for Choice, Not Fate ~ The Life and Times of Trevor Manuel. The winners will be announced on the 1st of August 2009.


The Alan Paton Award The Sunday Times Alan Paton Award is often called the Pulitzer Prize of South Africa and has been conferred annually since 1989 for meritorious works of non-fiction.

Non-fiction books are judged on the following criteria:
The illumination of truthfulness, especially those forms of it which are new, delicate, unfashionable and fly in the face of power;
Elegance of writing; and
Intellectual and moral integrity.

In 2001, The Sunday Times Fiction Prize was introduced to celebrate the talent and imagination of those who create fiction and to give the same weight to fiction as to non-fiction, as vital parts of South Africa's literary life.