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Not Even Once - Extreme Surfing and Skateboarding Event

Melkbos 02 December 2006 - 2006-11-21

The Drug Education Agency in partnership with the Melkbos and Table View community Police Forums, Sanlam (Madeleine Krause), Son Surf & Skate, Joshua Generation Church and Cubed Productions are staging the Not Even Once Extreme Surfing and Skateboarding event set to rock the Atlantic beach of Cape Town on 2nd December this year. The programme will include, amongst others, the following activities:
>         extreme surfing competition (on invitation) – contestants are towed in by Jetski in order to give them more speed
>         free-style surfing sessions for all
>         all night skate park with full course and quarter pipes
>         rocking 3 000 youth
>         all night local bands
>         big screens with mind-blowing media
>         schools graffiti competition
>         tagging workshop with FALCO for winning graffiti team
>         NO alcohol, NO drugs, just cool healthy vibes 


The Not Even Once campaign aims to reach the youth at a level that will communicate with them most successfully. People in general find a sense of belonging in various sub cultures. Children are the same. They find a sense of belonging in sub cultures like surfing, skateboarding, tagging (graffiti) and music. The Not Even Once campaign communicates to the youth through these sub cultures, motivating them to live healthy lifestyles by partaking in alternative adrenaline fuelled activities. The campaign will prove that you can have fun and be accepted without drugs and alcohol.
Thousands of children are experimenting with drugs and alcohol, without realising that sometimes it only takes one hit to get addicted. The Not Even Once campaign aims to communicate just this to the youth on grass routes level, through various sub cultures – offering them healthy alternatives to get their daily adrenaline rush.
Members of the Melkbos and Table View community have joined forces with other key players in the prevention of substance abuse, in order to stage this event that will communicate directly with the youth. The event will showcase extreme sports and alternative options to get high, whilst educating the youth and community on the issue of substance abuse.
Throughout the event members of the Drug Education Agency and Joshua Generation Church will be educating the youth and community on the issue of substance abuse in an informative and exciting way. Councillors will be present and available for advise and will carry this event beyond the borders of the Melkbos beachside.
We would like to invite sponsors to come onboard and to join forces with the Community Police Forum and partners in their quest to take back the next generation before it is too late.
South Africa is the world’s fastest growing drug market. Billions of Rands are spent on illegal substances annually. Make no mistake, school children are a target market and are regularly exposed to drugs through dealers and peers. Children need to be educated in the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse and that trying it only once can get you hooked for life.
>         70% of all children will experiment with substances (drugs and alcohol) before they matriculate.
>         15% of all those who experiment stand the chance of becoming full - blown addicts
>         The average age of young people starting to use drugs or alcohol has dropped from 25 to 16 in the past three years. (The youngest heroin addict referred to treatment by the DEA was thirteen years old.)
>         At least 60% of school children know what TIK is, where to get it and how to use it even if they haven’t experimented with it, yet.
>         A recent survey showed that 60% of high school students knew someone who was abusing TIK.
>         The majority of drugs are diluted with other chemicals and these concoctions can be lethal.