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Desmond & the Tutus upcoming SA gigs and Sweden, UK tour


We've got our big ol Cape Union Mart jackets, we've got our scarves, we've got our Viral Choice and we're going overseas!

If you're overseas, awesome - you can come to our overseas shows. If you're not overseas, lucky you we've got two shows before we leave.


Thursday 29 Jan - Tings & Times, Pretoria (w/ The Cokestrokes)

Saturday 31 Jan - The Woods, Johannesburg (w/ Marc Latilla & Sassquatch)


Sverige är du redo att bryta dig till Desmond jive?

Yip, first stop Sweden:


5th February - Debaser, Malmo

6th February - Gothenburg Show, Details TBC

7th February - Kolingsborg, Stockholm


Then we're off to the goold old UK:


12th February - Windmill of your Mind @ The Windmill, Brixton

13th February - Tigersushi Party @ Cargo, London

14th February - Be Presents... @ Proud Gallery, London

15th February - Optimio Espacio @ Sub Club, Glasgow

17th February - White Heat @ Madam JoJo's, London