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Remove Mugabe by force and save millions of suffering Zimbabweans

Emeritus Professor GJ (Deon) Knobel - 2008-12-15

Watching Mugabe on television news on Thursday night confirmed for me that it is not insanity, but total madness to tolerate his tyrannical holding on to power, and abuse of power. His poker face declaring Zimbabwe free of cholera is just another manifestation of his total loss of insight and reality. And days ago one watched a senior ANC leader declaring, with an equal poker face, that invading a neighbouring country and removing Mugabe, "a democratically elected President" by force, is not an option.

Recent pictures of young children collecting termites and crickets for food are desperate cries for help to save innocent lives.

In previous letters I quoted from The March of Folly, by Barbara Tuchman, who defines folly as "a policy by a group of people who persevere, despite warnings from contemporaries that it is and will be harmful to the ‘perpetrators' of the policy, as well as to others.

Media reports on Friday quote Emeritus Archbishop Tutu, the Anglican Archbishop of Pretoria, Joe Seoka and Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York, as asking Church Leaders to pray for the forceful removal of Mugabe. Seoka calls Mugabe a modern day Hitler who should be arrested and tried like the "Comrade" ex-president of Liberia, Charles Taylor.

It took 13 years to bring the evasive and fugitive Sarajevo war criminal to court. It needs only days to arrest Mugabe in his palace and fortress and deliver him for trial in The Hague.

The Nationalist Government and the ANC one under Mbeki, with denial and not speaking, by withholding scientific information from the public, and not acting with treatment of persons with HIV/AIDS, have resulted in the dubious achievement of South Africa having the highest numbers of HIV+ and AIDS patients.

Father Bonhoeffer, German Pastor opposing Hitler's policy of extermination of Jews, said that "by not speaking you speak; by not acting you act." How long will the South African Government not speak and not act? Future generations may hold them equally responsible for, if not his accomplices and assistants to the Human Rights disaster in Zimbabwe.

Emeritus Professor GJ (Deon) Knobel
Cape Town