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To an unknown boy

Johann de Lange - 2008-11-21

To an unknown boy

No longer can guns be cancelled by love
Roy Fuller

From slender goat-hips the boy milks
the first flowers of his youth,
stares into the mirror of his dying seed,
ignorant of how this season's fruit
are untimely crated in their juice,
and buds on sprigs remain unborn and blind.
Driven by a lean hunger.

Surely, death surprised you rather young:
just eighteen and almost as attractive
as you would have been. Unblemished.
New blood on your blonde head,
a cut on your downy upper lip.

Your tongue will never ring again
and your eyes will remain squadronless blue,
your nipples withdrawn,
your fragrant youthfulness defeated,
your forehead an abandoned fort.

The tender sex which oftentimes you roused
to celebrate your earthiness,
lies still and cold and bare.
Even outstretched you celebrate
all life still unwounded and unbegotten.

Where a child dies the earth is injured
the sky crouches
the rivers are silent
the sea draws back
the trees hang black canvases at noon
the horizon trembles
the mountains grow old overnight with grey shoulders
the stones fix it in their memories

and the sun falls wounded into its own shadow.