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Koos Prinsloo [1957-1994]

Johann de Lange - 2008-11-20

Koos Prinsloo [1957-1994]

Death is the passing ... of a living being into what
Christian Boltanski calls "an absolutely disgusting pile of shit".
Didier Semin

Death, Didier Semin wrote in An artist of uncertainty,
is the passing of a subject into the state
of an object; the passing of a human being
into a thing; of a friend
into a corpse, a stranger:
3 o'clock in the morning,
the hour of garbage cans
and jingling milk bottles,
they took away your gaunt blind body
in a black body bag.
The slaughtered morning,
still bloody and shivering.
The hour of carcasses
grimacing on meat-hooks,
of buttocks quivering on the butcher's block,
when the saws sing piercingly
at the abattoirs, and stray dogs
yelp around the entrails.

The morning after your death
the papers reported black
on white only the bare facts.
Three columns and a photo.
But it's another image
that haunts me: the rectum as a grave.