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Johann de Lange - 2008-11-19


Rising nipples bear the flail
of a sinuous and nippy quirt:

a vicious honey-bee
suspending blossomed flight.

Intent the watchers watch
for signalled pain and joy.

And I gaze hornier
how sternly and yet tenderly

the boy is guided through a maze
with sightless, bandaged eyes.

Black leather swathes his body,
(an epidermis sensual and new)

tight-fitting over calf and thigh,
a sweaty costume for the nude;

attention clinches on the crotch -
a clenched and shimmering fist.

Scourged deep within himself
he seeks with hooded eyes

the confines of his darkness,
the strange, untrodden places;

so delving in his innermost,
interchanging self with self,

he takes the aspect of a sloughing snake
and slithers to a winding trail.

In bright and strangulating grip
the whip beats like an artery:

bright oscillating cord
deep from the abalone of his groin -

the start is primal, boisterous,
in which he gains himself anew.