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Pick n Pay | LitNet Virtual Shopping Basket: Ingredients and wine list for March


You still have a chance to win R1000 shopping voucher from Pick 'n Pay, or one of several food books sponsored by Jonathan Ball Publishers! So why not whip up an exotic pasta or a condensed milk chocolate mousse to savour with a glass of Landskroon Jerepico and send us your recipes?

No photos required and you're welcome to add your choice of meat or any other ingredients to the ones listed below. And remember, you don't have to use all ten ingredients. Email your recipes to food@litnet.co.za and you could be a winner.

Be inspired by the ingredients in your virtual shopping basket this month:

Pick n Pay Choice Chicken Breast Fillets

Streaky Bacon

Pick n Pay No Name Pasta - any shape

Sun Dried Tomatoes

Pick n Pay Foodhall Button Mushrooms

Red & Yellow Peppers

Pick 'n Pay Choice Feta

Pick n Pay Foodhall Broccoli

Pick 'n Pay Foodhall Bananas

Pick n Pay No Name Condensed Milk

Inside the Grocery Cupboard:

Only you will know! Surprise us.
But don't forget to mention your Pick ’n Pay No Name Flour, Milk, Pick 'n Pay Choice Cream, Sugar, Butter or Coffee Granules, etc.

This month's wine list:

Landskroon Cabernet Sauvignon

Full-bodied with ripe mulberry fruit and a touch of cedar. Subtle tannins with lovely oak flavours.

An ideal accompaniment to matured red meats, venison and cheeses. Serve at 16 - 19°C.

Landskroon Shiraz

A medium to full-bodied wine with subtle toast and cinnamon oak overlays. Some smoky and sweet berry fruit flavours.

Serve at 16 - 19°C with barbeque meats, oxtail, meat and cheese pastries.

Landskroon Merlot

Rich and full-bodied with a delicious flavour of berry fruits supported by a touch of spice gained from aging in French oak barrels.

An ideal accompaniment to red meats and roast chicken. Serve at 16 - 19°C

Landskroon Pinotage

A medium to full-bodied wine with spicy aromas and subtle plum and berry flavours.

Serve at 16 - 19°C with most red meat dishes or game birds.

Landskroon Blanc de Noir (Off-dry)

A fresh fruity off-dry white wine made from red grapes. Lovely floral whiffs.

Ideal on its own but a good accompaniment to snacks and light meals. Serve well chilled.

Landskroon Chenin Blanc (Off-dry)

A medium-bodied crisp dry refreshing wine with clear lemon, lime and peach tones.

A wine for everyday enjoyment and as an accompaniment to salads, fish and white meat dishes. Serve well chilled.

Landskroon Chardonnay

The crisp fruit acid adds liveliness to this wine. Packed with rich lemony fruity and tropical flavours. Dry finish.

Enjoy on its own or with chicken, various fish and shellfish dishes. Serve well chilled.

Landskroon Sauvignon Blanc

A supple, easy-drinking dry white wine with hints of green fig and grassiness and lovely tropical flavours on the palate.

Enjoy on its own or with fish, chicken and cold meat dishes. Serve well chilled.

Landskroon Morio Muskat Jerepico

A mid gold straw-coloured fortified sweet wine. Muscat perfumes and grapy flavours with swirling jasmine and honeysuckle.

Serve as an aperitif at 9 - 11°C. Most enjoyable with sorbet and vanilla ice-cream or dark chocolate mousse.

Landskroon Port

A dark coloured fortified wine with beautiful aromas of spicy black prunes and tobacco. Rich and smooth with flavours of concentrated berries.

Serve on its own or with matured cheese and fresh nuts after dinner.

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