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Pieter Engelbrecht - 2008-01-28


when the night is almost over
and dreams return to shades
when fragment memories
remain the only scent of you.

could I still hear your sparkling voice
pour its joy into my heart
or your amazing mind, unveil again
the essence of a captured thought?

could it be the echo of your heartbeat,
resounding the passion once shared
beside me in this empty space?
or, somehow, could I still cling to the fading
warmth, left here by our last embrace?

if only I could feel,
your firm and tender hands
unfurl mysterious caresses – just once again
before this dream recedes too far!

are all my pleas to
keep you bound to me in vain
as this dream evades my heart
and to my solitude adds more pain?

how should I endure each day
when only hope remains?

perhaps tonight this dream returns
and with it remnants of our love
and for a moment hold together,
the fragments of my heart.

In memory of love - Brandon, 1994-2001