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Pretoria Kapittel

Pauli Adendorff - 2006-08-09

And so on a chilly Sunday afternoon a group of us got together to uplift our country, our youth, and ourselves. With Linkie and Robert as our hosts at Li-Bel in Sunnyside, Pretoria, we chatted away over a few glasses of Chardonnay and bowls of broccoli soup, trying to figure out how to celebrate 16 June 2006 – if we should celebrate it.

16 June 2006 – Youth Day – marks the 30th anniversary of more than 20 000 pupils in Soweto protesting against the Bantu Education Department – or in short – against Afrikaans. Will the youth of South Africa continue spending this holiday separately? A lot of questions were raised, starting from our guilt feelings and flowing into pure ignorance and even fear. Between the almost 40 of us we decided that the day reminds us of the fighting spirit in each and every one of us – the Voortrekkers fought the English language, just like the Soweto pupils fought Afrikaans in 1976 and freedom prevailed in both instances.

We will celebrate this day as the youth and future of this country; we will educate those who think that 16 June is simply a public holiday meant for competing in the Comrades Marathon;and we will – by means of more “kapittels” – join hands and multiply, so that in future you can attend a kwaito concert and drink Black Label or see an Afrikaans play and eat koeksisters all in one venue – all in one day – 16 June – “our day”.

I am so excited about this venture that I can not wait to get together with some good friends in Pretoria and Durban, once again to share visions, hopes and dreams on a Sunday afternoon. I challenge my peers to join my enthusiasm and get people thinking, talking and proud to be who we are – truly South African.