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Reach For A Dream celebrates 17 years of fulfilling dreams

Judith Muirhead - 2006-07-03

National Co-ordinator of Reach for a Dream


Since the first dream of a pony and motorcycle ride was fulfilled on 7 July 1988 for JC Steinman's birthday, Reach For A Dream has continued to bring hope to the lives of more than 6 000 children through the power of their dreams. The Foundation presently fulfils on average three dreams per day and more than 5 000 children's lives are enriched each year through dream projects such as daily outings and camps.

"It is only with the love and support of our donors, sponsors, hospital staff and volunteers that Reach For A Dream is able to celebrate its 17th birthday and we would like to thank our supporters for being a part of our dream." (Brian Miller, Chairman)

You can show your support by wearing a blue DREAM IT band
The DREAM IT blue band project was launched in March with Pick 'n Pay and has received overwhelming support from all South Africans. The band has the words DREAM IT inscribed as a reminder to all who wear it of the power of dreams, especially for the children of Reach For A Dream. Olympic gold-medallist Ryk Neethling, Springbok captain John Smit, SA supermodel Kerry McGregor and Isidingo star Tumisho Masha are wearing it to show their support; you can too by purchasing a band at Pick 'n Pay for just R5!

Our birthday cake breaks the Guinness World Record
Each year we celebrate the power of dreams by doing something special to promote the work of Reach For A Dream. This year we decided to bake the world's longest birthday cake and break the existing Guinness World record of 2 530 metres. Thanks to South Bakels who baked the cake over a period of 6 days non-stop, Rich Products and the SA Decorators Guild who iced and decorated for more than two days, we were ready to measure and claim a new record longest cake of 2 666 metres!

If you want to bake a 2,6 km cake you will need:

9 tons of cake mix
4 000 baking sheets
100 000 eggs
2,5 tons of jam
2 tons of icing
11 600 iced decorations

Baking time: 100 hours.

Thank you also to IanF and Sasha at 5fm and to all the sponsors involved for fulfilling 17 dreams on air and to Europa Food Emporiums for joining our birthday celebrations!

While everyone is free to dream, the granting of dreams comes at a cost. Reach For A Dream is self-financing, relying on the generosity of the public and sponsors. Some sponsorships come in the form of air travel, hotel or other accommodation or in the sponsoring of an actual dream; others are in the form of financial contributions and bequests. For more information on Reach For A Dream and our activities please visit our website at www.reachforadream.org.za.