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My Wishlist: Steyn du Toit

Steyn du Toit - 2011-11-24

The Exclusive Books Wishlist 2011 inspired the LitNet staff to create a list of books they’d want to give away this Christmas. These are the books from the Exclusive Books Wishlist that Steyn du Toit has chosen for his loved ones.

Steyn du Toit

Project Manager: Sing ’it 

We need to talk by Jonathan Jansen

This is the kind of book I’d like to give to a lot of my friends who are struggling with being young, white South Africans under a new democracy. The kind of person that would say something such as, "I was never a part of apartheid, why should I suffer now for it?". I have tremendous respect for Prof Jansen and his ability to build bridges, because he understands all kinds of people and how they reason. 

 The marriage plot by Jeffrey Eugenides

Ever since I read The Virgin Suicides I fell in love with Eugenides. His ability to capture and weave fragments of separate events together, allowing the reader the ability to view a story from different angles, makes me jealous. I’d reserve this book for someone special I knew some years back, and give it to her as a belated Christmas present one day.


The magic of reality by Richard Dawkins

I was first exposed to the magic of reality at a very young age. The trick is trying to live a meaningful life, all the while knowing that it’s valid only until you shut your eyes for the final time. Dawkins is a great example of how to understand the world for what it really is, without any sugar-coating or promises of an amazing afterlife. Yet he still revels in the privilege of being here. I’d give this book to a friend of mine with whom I’ve had many conversations on this topic. 


The Art Museum published by Phaidon 

Art is such a universal medium, yet there is still a strong stigma around it concerning the type of people who appreciate it. I would give this book to a young girl I know who dreamt of becoming an artist, but was forced by her parents to become an economist instead. 


Sensational Six by Dr Seuss

I once dated an American with an adopted child from Guatemala. The first book this boy was ever able to read in English was The Cat in the Hat. I’d give this collection to him if he still loves Dr Seuss as much as he did back then. 

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