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My Wishlist: Kristine Kronjé

Kristine Kronjé - 2011-11-24

The Exclusive Books Wishlist 2011 inspired the LitNet staff to create a list of books they’d want to give away this Christmas. These are the books from the Exclusive Books Wishlist that Kristine Kronjé has chosen for her loved ones.

Kristine Kronjé

Production assistant and arts writer

(No, I don't want to give these books away. I want them. But let's pretend that I want to give them away to soothe my conscience.)

Opinion Pieces by SA thought leaders by Neville Alexander

Neville Alexander secretly reminds me of my grandfather. I have immense respect for him and his work and would buy the book even if just for this reason. This book is for my dad to substitute his morning paper.

 Advocates for change by Moeletsi Mbeki

Because in South Africa and Africa change remains one of the biggest concerns. We all need to be informed about the challenges at least. This book is for Bibi Slippers because she admires Moeletsi Mbeki (and she'll let me read it).

The Art Museum, published by Phaidon

In general every book by Phaidon is a collector's item. Vitamin D and NOMA are my ultimate favourites. This book is for my house – an essential item for my ideal reading room. 

Mankepank by Antjie Krog

I have almost as many imaginary childhood memories as real ones. I lived through books and I refused to read or be read to in any language but Afrikaans. This book is for my future children: I'll read and explore it with them one day. 

Aleph by Paulo Coelho

As incentive to read The Alchemist at last. This book is for one of my best friends, Johan Conradie, because according to him The Alchemist changed his life and change is good.

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