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My Wishlist: Bibi Slippers

Bibi Slippers - 2011-11-24

The Exclusive Books Wishlist 2011 inspired the LitNet staff to create a list of books they’d want to give away this Christmas. These are the books from the Exclusive Books Wishlist that Bibi Slippers has chosen for her loved ones.

Bibi Slippers
Poetry and Fiction Editor

Again! by Emily Gravett

My son Pierre-Lemoen may look like a simple stuffed toy, but in my eyes he’s a real boy and like his parents he loves a good story. Of course he has his favourites, which he wants to hear again and again and again. This might just become one of them.

RAFA, my story by Rafael Nadal with John Carlin

I have many fond memories of afternoons spent watching tennis with my ex-boyfriend’s mother, Angie Krynauw. She’s been a big Rafa supporter from the early days, and I’m sure she’d love this opportunity to get the whole story behind those custom Nikes.

The magic of reality by Richard Dawkins

I’d get this one for my boyfriend Eckhard. It looks hefty and should keep him busy for a while. That way he won’t mind so much when I’m working late.

Tutu: The authorised portrait

I’m a big Tutu fan, and since I can’t have this one for myself, I’m giving it to my parents – that way at least we get to keep it in the family, and one day (if I’m good) I might inherit it.

Woord vir woord – Johan Stemmet

My Granny Smit died last year on boxing day, so this will be our first Christmas without her. She lived in Kleinzee for some time and loved telling the story of how she held Johan Stemmet as a baby. I’m sure she would’ve loved to read this book about his life. I guess I’ll have to do it on her behalf.

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