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This is my life


This is my life

Directed by: Basil Appollis

Starring: Karin Kortje and Loukmaan Adams

Date: 15 November - 3 December 2011

Time: 20h30

Venue: Baxter Concert Hall

Idols sensation and 2005 winner, Karin Kortje tells her own story in This is My Life at the Baxter Concert Hall.

This is My Life, starring Cape Town's Idols winner Karin Kortje, is back by popular demand at the Baxter Concert Hall from 15 November to 3 December. If you've ever wondered what the life of an Idols winner is all about, you can't afford to miss this show, which is produced by Alistair Izobell, directed by Basil Appollis and stars well-known musical performer Loukmaan Adams alongside Karin.

Winning a national title like “Idols” that most artists can only dream about, did not bring Karin a fairytale life. On the contrary, it removed the comfort of privacy and added to her troubles as a hungry public consumed every salacious detail the media could serve up.

The show provides rare insight into Karin's life behind the headlines… the joy, the laughter, the pain and the tears as she grapples with the ups and downs of her enthralling journey.

When life goes uphill we learn the most valuable lessons. The journey of Karin Kortje is a powerful testament to this simple truth. She was orphaned at an early age and grew up on a farm. When she won the coveted Idols competition she was plucked from the obscurity of picking apples in Grabouw and thrust into the limelight.

This is My Life is the remarkable journey of this talented artist from her humble beginnings in the Cape to the rollercoaster reality of a life in the spotlight.  “Karin is the kind of person who uses her heart and not her head, to make decisions. In the process she gets hurt, terribly hurt. But her amazing God-given talent helps her see it through every time. Helps her survive and thrive,” says producer Alistair Izobell.

The show is intimate musical theatre and will take audiences under the surface of her life as never before. Using a blend of engaging storytelling, songs, audio visual material and entertaining performance the show falls into a unique cross-over genre destined to enthral. 

“People expect that when you suddenly win money or a major competition like Idols, problems somehow fade into the mist. But that only happens in the movies. She does not hide the fact that for her there has been no dream existence. She has struggled to overcome the uphill and sometimes she has made questionable choices - like so many of us! But when she sings, her voice helps her soar above everything like an angel,” says director Basil Appollis.

Popular music maestro Camillo Lombard is the musical director and leads a top class band that provides a perfect platform for these first rate artists to shine.