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“Hope” by Xolani Giba

Xolani Giba - 2011-11-11




1st verse

when did this beautiful life become an obstacle
it’s been months now, I get up later every day
they say the future comes one day at a time
strange times when anything could happen any given moment

1st chorus

been in the dark for too long
but now
we colour sharp-sighted
putting our flag high
for all to see
we’re living our dreams
something beautiful happens when we dream on
joy brings hope

2nd verse

to give up hope,
let go of all my beautiful paintings
to stop living just to survive
to get a job
another piece of work
spilling wages
(offering change)
to stop fighting, the way I know how
I choose hope instead … hope for all


hope against hope
when they try to box you in

find what you want
and let that be
your strength
hoping sometimes makes your dreams turn up
just when everything seemed lost

2nd chorus

hope made me
and hope made you