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“Made you cry” by Hummingbird

Hummingbird - 2011-11-11



Made you cry

You run like a rabbit from social danger
And without care you trample people on the way (yeah)
I’ve allowed again to be pushed around
I should know better, stand my emotional ground (yeah)

You’re quivering inside ’cause no one must know
The stuff you’ve been through, but you reap what you sow
’Cause now I’ve been a good laugh,
Inconsiderate actions reduce me to half


Uptight all right
Tremble and hide
I carefully planned
How to make you cry
I made you cry

You fail to notice and that’s what I said
That all the snares, man they’re all in your head
And so I’ll give up, don’t give a damn,
You do what you want it’s all part of my plan (and) …

Repeat chorus

I wish that I had something nice to say
But I realise now you always had your way
Your manipulation kept me in my place
The worst insults you never said to my face


So one day when your lying ends
I believe I will have had my revenge

Repeat chorus

’Cause you made me cry