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“Enwove for sake, the bliss as I wake” by Jacques du Preez

Jacques du Preez - 2011-11-11



Enwove forsake, the bliss as I wake

Two hearts start beating as one in this cradle of passion that we’ve begun.
Just close your eyes and we’ll kiss away this earth between us falling astray.
In this moment of love soaring above all wrong and anguish the world enwove.
Pray we drown in each other’s eyes, in bliss, in radiance far from lies.

Your face, the sun luminously upon the shadowed strengths of my Avalon.
Love is all I possess while pacing trough gardens that time erased.
I beg of thee: just you and me crossing over rivers in Eden’s bliss and plea.
Something tells me you’ll never let go of these enchantments as they echo.

Two flames tamed as one forging love’s pandemonium.
Impending the balance of passion’s embark, reconciling the fires fuelling your heart.
These utopian sunsets fading our footsteps in the sand that we once left.