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“Good luck growing up” by Anton A Richter

Anton A Richter - 2011-11-09



Good luck growing up

Photos are permanent
permanent memories
of the past that we cherish
the past that is written as your legacy

I know that when we reminisce about the good times
the great times,
the high times and dying times
the tears set in and smiles run thick

your first kiss, her last wish
the innocence of being a child

running free, in comfort
barefoot and complete
dirty knees, filthy feet
you still don't give a damn.

but know we've grown up
into shadows we don't even recognize
with nightmares, haunting fears
and trying at a different life every single day

now we search for comfort
in the once forbidden ways
with trouble lurking in and out
stalking us like prey

(all tied up in a formal knot
tight and firm yet so unsure)
I don't know where I'm heading at
I don't know if I've been there before

All I know for sure
is that this is not the life I dreamt of before

Feeling so proud of what you've become
but is it really all that it's made out to be.
Lifting your head like only you could
but your heavy heart is pulling you down ...
down ...
down ...

Down on your childish knees
Wanting a childly answer
But as you forsake
you are forgotten

Looking back now at all of life’s mistakes
Bearing the burden of choices you made
Trying to teach your offspring the same
But no one would listen as was your ways.