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“Deurmekaar kitaar” by Lila Bruk

Lila Bruk - 2011-11-09



Deurmekaar kitaar
You are the mince to my vetkoek*
The iPod to my Facebook
You are the colour in my Steri Stumpie
The biltong to my Castle dumpie

Chorus: Baby, you make me deurmekaar**
            I feel lost as I sit with my guitar
            ‘Cause without you as my guy
            All I am is a lie
You are the Panado to my headache
The icing on my cupcake
You are the Jacob to my Zuma
The petrol to give me vooma

Bridge: So let them skinder***

When we’re out for dinner

You are all that I need

You are the aartappel**** to my vleis*****
The highlighter in my space case
You are the engine of my Tazz
You will always be the base in my jazz

* vetkoek – a fried dough dish
** deurmekaar – all over the place/disorientated
*** skinder – gossip
**** aartappel – potato
***** vleis – meat