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“We could run” by Wynand Steyn

Wynand Steyn - 2011-11-09



We could run

My winter is contagious
Stirring wild tempest
which rages
Oh! Now that the freeze is over …

We could run and fight
For the blood-mooned night
And take a chance on life

Or we could run and hide
Under brush, take flight
No-one could blame us at all (no one could blame)
(end of chorus)

Now spring is marching towards us
We can see the trees blush
under their cover
From here, my dear lover …


Now summer’s rays sting us

(to same beat as chorus)
That we can no longer run or fight
The moon has lost its light
And life has lost its rights

Nor can we run and hide
The end of our beautiful dream
Blamed for our fall (by all)

Here autumn is forever
Cold winds dance with burning sands
That was once our cover
Oh! Could I make it better(?)
So that …