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"Where do I stand in your heart" by Diego Dumalisile

Diego Dumalisile - 2011-11-09


Where do I stand in your heart

Where do I stand in your life where do I stand in your heart  

Verse 1
‘Cause you’ve been gone so long, my heart’s not strong for long, if I can’t breathe I’m gone, and to the moon like Armstrong, I’ll fly out and be a man, I won’t quit you’ll understand, the day passes I get a tan, I’m so hot like click bang, my time’s up like eminem, I’ll let you burn and blow ash, so tip-toe like caven nash ...

Verse 2
Waiting for you was never easy, I kept complaining you used to tease me, I loved you then I still do now, if you can’t see me look at me now, like li’l weezy you have to teach me, but love is life it has to please me, I’m HHP ke tswa ko mafi (I come from Mafikeng) bokoni bopirima ke lebetse leina (Easter Cape, I forgot the name) mosadi lebaka ka tloka go tlalwa mme kamo ka moboka bo felwo kaba (a women’s the reason I needed to be dumped but I praised her, at the end I regret ...)