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"You must be kiddin' me" by Alfie J

Alfie J - 2011-11-09


You must be kiddin' me

Baby I'm still crazy about you
I don't want you running away
I worship and adore you
With me you've gonna stay
So what do you say

You must be kiddin' me
If you say you're leaving me
Don't you have feelings for me
You must be kiddin' me
You know you belong to me

Don't be unreasonable my love
Let's sit and talk it out
You've became part of my life
I can't do without you
So what do you say my love

Repeat chorus

Don't you walk out on me
If you do I'll be lonely
Give our love another chance
Stay with me forever.
I’m begging you please.

Repeat chorus (x2) and fade