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"You never know" by Xolane Mbenenge

Xolane Mbenenge - 2011-11-09


You never know

You never know, haha, you never know, yeah (x2), you never know, you may become a world-famous lyricist, pushin' a one man mind I'm a pessimist, the one with limitless mileage different typ of mind state, this dude is precious, call me Sanlam, I'm thinking ahead of you, I'm like a debate attack, I'll let you know you’re bluffing! I could become the pastor and you’re only an ancestor, whoa buddy I think you just passed her! You never know, haha, you never know, yeah (x2) yeah well you don't, that I know very well, that I’ve got faith in the inner you! Maybe this is just another reason for many others that have made their way past you. Like I said, I'm a think-aheader, I think I just impressed you!