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"There's a hole in my heart" by Jo-anne Dirks

Jo-anne Dirks - 2011-11-09


There's a hole in my heart

Sometimes I'm at home thinking if I should call you.
Sometimes my heart beats every minute I see you
I don't know why this is happening to me. Oh oh
how I love you


There's a hole in my world tonight
There's a hole in my sore sorrow
if I just close my eyes tonight and
hope that I will see you in the morning.

Don't worry what will happen to me baby.
I know I'm lost without you. Forever baby
it doesn't matter where or when you'll be back babe
just believe that I love you

Oh oh how I love you darling
you stole my heart like no-one ever did before.
Don't know how I will ever let go.
Just please tell me that you still love me.