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"Beautiful God" by Nanzile Masuku

Nanzile Masuku - 2011-11-09


Beautiful God

Drifting by day after day
dead man walking, talking, breathing
Not living.
Empty searching
Someone, something, anything
to fill me up
Looking for me
in places, faces, arms,
of strangers
who they wanted me to be
who they thought I could be
who they said I would be
becoming anyone, everyone, anything, everything
but lost to me.

Above me, above us, above all creation
I knew there was God
A God so divine, so holy, so perfect
so far away
what would He want with me?
I who have been anywhere and everywhere
touched anything, anyone, everything
has been touched by anything, anyone, everything
living anyhow, anywhere with anybody
eating whatever, wherever with whoever
God, I could never be good enough for You.

For God so loved the world
That He gave His only Son
That whosoever believes in Him
Would not die but have eternal life

I was the world
I was whosoever
I was dying
I did not believe
that God so pure
Could love me.

I did not find You
You are not lost, not confused
You found me
The places You followed me into
You loosened me from the chains of the enemy
my Saviour
You lifted me out of the deep mud
my Redeemer
You turned my mourning into joy
my Comforter
You restored my broken heart
my Healer
You gave me beauty for ashes
Your Majesty
You took my rags of shame
and clothed me in a robe of righteousness
Abba Father.