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“Let go” by Ilze du Plooy

Ilze du Plooy - 2011-11-09



Let go

Verse 1: I may not know the path
            I may not see the way
            I may not follow the footsteps
            Before me each day

Verse 2: But when I look out yonder
            Into the blinding sky
            It is then when darkness
            Drowns in all the light

Chorus:  I find hope in all the unknown valleys
             In all the wrong turns I feel alive
             I know I can never really dream
             Until I truly close my eyes
             And let go (x3)

Verse 3: It’s a frightening thought
            On a stumbling road
            With a path to somewhere
            I dread to go

Pre-chorus: Don’t look down, don’t stop
                  Keep going, look up (x4)