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“Beautiful stranger” by Megan Conjana

Megan Conjana - 2011-11-09



Beautiful stranger

Verse 1

I saw him walk down the street
The street of my ghetto
And my eyes followed him
And his heart came to me
He just walks down the street of my ghetto


Beautiful stranger would love me tomorrow
Would you spread your wings and fly with me
We’ll be together
You’re my (beautiful x3)
You’re a beautiful stranger

Verse 2

Amehlo akho andijonga
Intliziyo yam iyavuya
And his eyes followed me
And my heart just went to him
He just walks on the streets of my ghetto

Stranger in the ghetto mmmmm

Back to Chorus

Beautiful stranger walk with me
Beautiful stranger set me free
I’ve got this feeling in my heart to just fly!
Let’s fly
My beautiful stranger, fly

Uhmmmmm *scatting*/or with acoustic guitar

He’s just a beautiful stranger
A beautiful stranger (x3)

Just in my mind ...