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"Shooting star" by Frederik Olivier

Frederik Olivier - 2011-11-09


Shooting star

Don't be scared
In the darkest hours
When the sun is absent

Don't be scared
In the harshest wind
When your courage is blown away ...

There's always a light, coming from somewhere
maybe not from me, maybe from above
And you can always find shelter in unlikely places
maybe not where you expect, maybe some place better

So if you see a single star
Don't wonder where the rest are
rather fall in love with what you see
Don't be bothered if something's not perfect
It's only as perfect as you want it to be

We create our own illusions
Stereotypes we want to fit
Problems are mostly made up
‘Cause being original is far too scary

If we put our complaints in to effort
global warming would be solved by now
If words were action and reaction was a solution
world peace would be more than an answer at a beauty pageant

This is not preaching
This is a plea
To start listening
and help kill negativity

Let's create our own reality
and make our stereotype as "earth"
Problems are mostly made up
Let's solve them using creativity

If I saw a shooting star, that's what I would wish for
If I saw a shooting star, I’d pray that it could soften our hearts!