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This is not a status update: The most extraordinary moments at Boekbedonnerd IV

Bibi Slippers - 2011-11-04

I made a deliberate decision to avoid Facebook while I was at the Boekbedonnerd festival, because of my theory.

My theory is that Facebook works like a drug: a quick status update fulfils the immediate need to do something creative. You feel like you’ve made something, written something, had a little exhibition. But very few status updates are actually art, and no status update can really replace the rush of writing an actual poem or a story.

But some things are just so extraordinary and exciting that you feel compelled to tell the world, to share the happy news, to incite fits of jealousy. This is what status updates are really good for.

I resisted the temptation to reduce my favourite moments at this year’s Boekbedonnerd to mere status updates. But now that the whole story has been written I feel free to imagine what my status updates might have been if I had not been such a sterling example of self-discipline, if I had not been able to curb my exhibitionism.

On the long road to Richmond and getting relationship advice from Albie Sachs. Today I love my job.
Having dinner with Obie Oberholzer, Ivan Vladislavic and Albie Sachs. The food is not great, but the conversation is a cracker. Hello Richmond!

Strangest moment of this day: watching Albie Sachs pose for a photo with a former member of the security police. Welcome to the new new South Africa.

Extremely impressed by Mongane Wally Serote. On his legacy: "My name is Mongane Wally Serote and that is what matters."
Ingrid Jonker almost spent a night with Albie Sachs. Who knew?!

Marie Heese on responsible societies: “The Ancient Egyptians were a civilisation which accepted individual responsibility. Only this sort of civilisation will survive and be righteous.”

Albie Sachs on his recovery after he lost his arm in a car bomb explosion: “I woke up with a total conviction that as I got through and I got better, my country South Africa would get better.”
Bawling my eyes out at Antjie Krog’s reading.
Scratch that. Laughing my ass off at Antjie’s Oupa en Ouma poem.
Really wish I could hijack Louise Viljoen’s brain.
Willemien Brümmer tells fabulous stories!
Ivan Vladislavic calls the stories in The Loss Library "case studies in failure". I am officially jealous of someone’s failures.
Dana Snyman ends Boekbedonnerd with a gentle bang: “You came for the stories, because stories are bigger than people. We are all part of a greater story that is being told.”

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