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Steyn du Toit, Project Manager, on Sing 'it, Sanlam and the road ahead


Steyn, you are the project manager of Sing ‘it. What exactly does this mean – what do you do?

As project manager it is my duty to ensure that Sing 'it and all its various elements run smoothly on a daily basis. This includes liaising with our artists, the press and sponsors, answering queries of potential entrants, processing entries received, and maintaining the relevant social media pages. 

How many entries have you received for Sing ‘it?

I am very happy to report that we've received more than 1 600 entries! 60% English, 40% Afrikaans.

Why did Sanlam sponsor the project? What message are they trying to get across? 

Sanlam recognises the importance of our cultural diversity in celebrating the creativity of all South Africans, while at the same time empowering the youth – hence their investment in a number of social and cultural initiatives such as Sing 'it. Not only does Sing 'it embody Sanlam’s corporate message of “Start with what you hope for”, but it can also be linked to the National Start Something Day, which was launched on  September 2nd, 2011 to inspire everyday people to take up a new hobby – whether it be learning a new language or, as in this case, starting to write songs. 

If someone has written lyrics for Sing ‘it but has never visited LitNet, is there anything on our website which you think could be of interest to the entrants?

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What happens now – is there anything we can look forward to while the artists look at the entries?

Over the next three months we will embark on the recording phase. During November all nine of our artists and bands will comb through all the entries received and each pick their favourite. We will announce the winners as soon as we receive confirmation from our artists – hopefully all by the end of November. We'll keep entrants up to date with the recording process through our social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. There will also be a few surprises, but we don't want to spoil the fun just yet. Watch this space!

When will we know who the winner is?

Once we've received all nine recorded songs from our artists we will make them all available for free downloading at the beginning of February. The song with the highest number of downloads at the end of the month will be awarded the music video budget from MK.