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Workshop in Microsoft Excel as a Research Tool

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Foundational Module
Target Audience:

  • Professionals with little or no experience in basic data analysis who are increasingly required to produce such analyses

The general perception of Microsoft Excel is that it is a spreadsheet program for quick calculations and the preparation of income tax figures, whereas it is a powerful program with a wide range of functionalities and only a small proportion of Microsoft Excel users know how to exploit these. The purpose of Datinar’s two-day workshop in the Foundational Module is to teach participants how to effectively use Microsoft Excel as a Research Tool.

Participants will receive hands-on experience in performing a number of key steps in the process of quantitative data analysis in Microsoft Excel 2010 by applying different program functionalities. The key steps include:

  • Developing a structure for data entry
  • Performing the actual data entry
  • Screening data for capture errors
  • Recoding variables
  • Coding textual data
  • Calculating summary statistics, and
  • Performing general descriptive analyses that are both univariate and bivariate.

The functionalities to be used include a data form, the formatting of data as a table, the application of data filters, the use of ‘count-if’ and other formulas, the construction of pivot tables, and the generation of graphs.

: 17-18 November 2011
Venue: Van der Horst Computer Lab, Bellville Park Campus, Stellenbosch University
Carl Cronje Drive, Bellville (On N1, take Tyger Valley off-ramp)
Facilitator: Nelius Boshoff
Cost: R3000 per participant
(Tea/coffee, meal and training manual included)
Please send an email to [email protected] for the registration form. Datinar will also send you the banking details for payment. Please note that only 20 participants can be accommodated in this popular workshop as computer space is limited.
Datinar’s Foundational Module is structured in terms of seven core skills, in which the participants ought to be competent on completion of the workshop. These are:

  • How to make sense of variables and their levels of measurement
  • How to capture data in Excel
  • How to clean data in Excel
  • How to transform data in Excel – specifically recoding and coding
  • How to query data in Excel
  • How to perform basic descriptive data analysis in Excel (i.e. produce summary statistics, frequency tables, cross-tabulations and comparisons of means)
  • How to create sensible graphs in Excel, based on pivots.

Each participant will receive a Datinar training manual together with a certificate of attendance. Certificates will only be issued after attendance of both days of training.