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Quickie competition: Leg over

Brett Beiles - 2011-10-18

Hierdie blad bevat erotiese literatuur. Indien jy jonger as 18 is, verlaat die blad asseblief onmiddellik. | The following page contains erotic literature. If you are under the age of 18, please exit this page immediately.

 My ballie said he’d wait in the car.

I struggled one step at a time to her flat on the third floor. She answered the door kaalgat, so straight away I took everything off myself.

“Slow down, steamer,” she said, “bucks up front-five hundred.”

“You tuned three-fifty on the phone.”

“It’s extra for peg-legs. You scheme I smaak checking your ugly stump!”

“Fuck you, you said three-fifty.”

“Fok jou ook,” and she threw my leg out the window. “Go fetch!”

Shit, I had to slide on my arse all the way downstairs.

The ballie was standing there, holding my leg. It had smashed a headlight of his car. “What the hell!”

“Sorry pa, can you borrow me one-fifty?”