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Global SlutWalk Movement comes to South Africa

Untitled Document SlutWalk Cape Town
Prestwich Memorial, 1 Somerset Road, Cpt
Saturday 20 August: 12h00

Cape Town (August 12, 2011) – On Saturday, August 20, 2011, there will be a public walk in Cape Town centre, beginning at noon at the Prestwich Memorial [1 Somerset Road] in solidarity against the blaming of people who are victims of rape and sexual violence.

Having started as a response to a Toronto police officer’s comment in January that “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized”, SlutWalks have been held in cities around the world to protest against persons being blamed when they are victims of sexual violence. The prevailing belief that by dressing in a certain way, people are ‘asking for it’ has created an environment where those who are in need of support after being the victim of a sexual attack are met with questions like “what were you wearing?” making victims more reluctant to come forward and, in general, providing a veiled justification that rape and sexual violence is, in some sense, acceptable, provided that potential victims are of a certain kind or dress in a certain way.

Since the announcement of this event, there has been much debate about what, if any, relevance such a ‘Western’ movement has in Africa. For this reason, we are organizing a public discussion panel for the day before the event [Friday, August 19, 2011], 1-2PM at the New Learning Centre, Anatomy Building, UCT Health Science Faculty, Anzio Road, Observatory where we will be discussing the relevance of this event, and attempting to clarify what the event in particular and the global movement in general symbolizes and what might be achieved by holding such an event in Cape Town.

For more information or for further details about attending the panel, please contact either of the organizers or go to our facebook page: SlutWalk through Cape Town CBD.


Stuart MacDonald: 0745748468
Umeshree Govendor: 0832810693